10 Shows I Used To Watch As A Kid

Were you ever absolutely in love with a television show when you were a kid and then completely forget about it? Did you ever watch it as an adult and find yourself completely transported to another time?

Here’s a list of my most nostalgic TV shows

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1. Magic School Bus

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Nothing was better than running to the television when you heard Ms. Frizzle yell “Seatbelts everyone!”. I loved this show growing up. I was always fascinated with science-y stuff as a kid, and this show fed into that wonderfully.

You can be sure that I will be watching the reboot when it comes onto Netflix September 29th.

2. Recess


Not too sure what it was about this show that I loved so much. Probably just the wide variety of characters that it had. Everyone could relate to someone on that show and it was awesome.

3. Rugrats

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I’m pretty sure I watched every episode ever of Rugrats. My parents bought me all the movies, the spin offs, everything. I couldn’t get enough of it. Tommy was so freaking cute and their adventures were just so much fun to watch.

4. Franklin


Who could forget that little turtle that misunderstood everything? Loved this guy. I remember watching Franklin every morning while having breakfast.

5. Crocodile Hunter

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This is the show that kick started this whole post. I used to watch Crocodile Hunter religiously. I loved it as a kid and still love it now. I recently discovered that you can watch old episodes of it on YouTube. The first time the theme song played, I felt like I was sitting in my living room 12 years ago absolutely fascinated by this crazy Australian guy handling dangerous animals. I became absolutely obsessed with animals at that point. I remember once making my grandfather stop the car on a highway because there was an injured bird sitting there and I wanted to help it. Turned out that it wasn’t injured but just taking a rest and it flew a way when I walked up to it. That was also around the same time that I started catching flies and mosquitos and feeding them to the giant spider that made a home on the back of my house. My parents thought I was a little crazy. Definitely something I highly recommend watching!

6. Full House

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What show was better to show you an unconventional family and also show you a family that has so much love. It dealt with heavy topics as well, but dealt with them in such a kid friendly way.

When the Netflix reboot started, I was so unbelievably excited. I marathoned every season so far and will continue whenever they release a new one. Season 3 released September 22nd. Go check it out. It honestly has the same vibe as the original show. I love both so much.

7.  Family Matters

giphy (26)

This was another show that dealt with some heavy topics, but it was so intermingled with comedy and friendship that it didn’t feel too overbearing. It was an extremely enjoyable show. Add the comedy in with some weird sci-fi twist of Steve and Stephan and it was the perfect show to watch on Saturday mornings after the cartoons ended.

8. Roseanne

giphy (27)

Here’s another family comedy that I watched often. It was a little more on the cruder side of comedy, but was still a great thing to watch. Up until season 9… no one talks about season 9. It doesn’t exist.

The reboot is supposed to start filming in October and it looks like they are also ignoring season 9. I’m ready for it.

9. Saved By The Bell

giphy (28)

This show!

I think my first crush on a fictional character was on Slater. Do you blame me? He was amazing.

As for many shows on this list, Saved By The Bell dealt with some heavy topics, but the great thing was is that it dealt with middle-school/high school type issues most of the time. Anything from drugs, peer presser, stress from school, it hit on tons of stuff that was so important for younger kids to watch. One of my favorites.

10. Pokemon

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And of course, you can’t grow up in the 90’s without at least catching an episode or two of Pokemon. From the video games to the anime, there was a large portion of my childhood that almost entirely revolved around Pokemon. I still watch the older episodes of the show as often as a can. Nothing is better than watching the old episodes.

Alright, that was my ten most watched shows from when I was kid. There are so many more I remember watching, but these were always my favorites.

What shows did you watch? Any that give you those strong nostalgic feels when you see them now? Let me know. 🙂


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