ARC Book Review: How To Kiss A Flower Girl (And Live) by Kennedy Cannon

The de la Fleur women have always had bad experiences with men. That is to say, the men that they fall in love with always end up dying. Lux’s great-grandfather was found with a dozen miniature roses blooming in his lungs; her father was discovered dead in Providence with traces of nightshade in his bloodstream. Because of this, her aunts became known throughout town as the Flower Girls, wild and beautiful and deadly. To upset them meant that you would have horrible abdominal pain and hallucinations from foxglove that mysteriously ended up in your nighttime tea. To mistreat them or harm them in any way meant poison ivy rashes and withered gardens and never being able to eat blackberries again without them tasting of dirt.

Unlike her late grandmother, who met the love of her life when she was fifteen, or her Aunt Perrie, who falls head over heels for some man or another at least three times a week, Lux is not particularly interested in love. That is, until she meets Ari Decoteau. When Lux moves back into the house at the end of Coquelicot Lane, the house where everything happened, she will have to unravel the past if she has any hope of saving her future.

I received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Short and Sweet: If you want something that will keep you fascinated with it’s beautiful writing and enthralling story line, read this.

I’m always a little nervous when I read an ARC. Even more so when the author of the book is someone I’m friends with on Twitter.

Anxiety FTW.

giphy (75)

However, I literally had nothing to worry about with this book. It. Was. Amazing!

Because I started reading this while deep into a reading slump, thanks to the worst book that’s ever been published, it took me way longer than necessary to actually finish it. But once I finally sat down and read it, it completely captured my attention. The writing was beautiful and the story kept me continuously excited to read the next page.

My favorite part, though, had to be the characters. I absolutely adored Lux and her aunts and Ari and Hadely and Ina and everyone!

giphy (76)

Except Levi, that fucker can burn…


How To Kiss A Flower Girl was a wonderful story that made every character seem real, made their histories feel like it actually happened. It made me want to know more and more about them. By the time the book had ended, my jaw was basically on the floor because of how wonderfully the story came together at the end.

If you liked The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender, read this…

It’s better.

But seriously, Kennedy is an extremely talented author and I’m looking forward to reading more from her if she publishes more in the future.

Go check it out, go follow her on Twitter (she’s hilarious) and love this book because it deserves it.

5 Stars

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