ARC Book Review: The Mentor by Elin Peer

The Men of the North have been living in exile for centuries, raising their boys without the influence of women. Now an experiment will bring girls and boys together in a new school with children and teachers from each side of the border. But how can two teachers work together when they don’t agree on anything?

Sparks fly in this clash of cultures when Archer Rex objects to Kya Rae’s meditation “shit” that will surely turn his Nboys into wusses. He wants the kids to learn how to hunt and fight instead.

The Mentor is the third installment in Elin Peer’s series The Men of the North. Readers call it witty, intelligent, relevant, and masterfully written.

*received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Short and Sweet: A fantastic addition to an already fantastic book series.

Ooohhh Man. This book, guys.

giphy (77)

Yet again, I’m completely drawn back into this world. It felt as if I never left it. The characters were consistent, and just as infuriating/sweet/wonderful as the last book. One thing I love about reading a series that each book follows a new couple, is that you’re able to see where the other couples you love are at that point. I absolutely loved seeing all the characters from the first two novels again but also falling in love with a new couple.

The steam in this novel did not fail, either. It was just as steamy and sweet as the other two.

Archer and Kya were amazing characters. I loved how almost innocent Archer was when it came to love and physical attraction since he had never been around women. Sure, he was still a little crude at times but there was still times that I thought to myself that he was kind of like a little teenager with a first crush. I know that almost sounds negative, but it’s not at all! It makes so much sense in the context of the book that it makes me love his character more.

Kya was SUCH a bad-ass! She was a sassy, strong female character that I think a lot of novels are missing. I loved reading about the connection she had to each of the children. She was such a maternal character and I absolutely loved that.

And that part with Alexander, Christina and Raven.

source (4)

All and all, this was a fantastic contribution to the series. I absolutely love the world, the politics, the characters, and the bits of science-y information tossed in. Particularly the biodegradable urn that grows trees. That’s actually a thing, and I love how it was put into the novel.

Obviously this is the third book in the series, so go check out the first one so you can fall in love too.

5 Stars

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