Blogmas Day 5: Kindle Unlimited #1 – Isla Madden-Mills

Kindle Unlimited

Hello fellow readers,

I have an idea.

I decided to trial run Kindle Unlimited, and I’m kind of loving it. So, I decided to keep it. It’s only $9.99 a month and the way I’m devouring books lately (because of blogging) it’s way cheaper for me to pay that than buy a ton of books to review for you guys.

So here’s the deal. Every month, I’m going to find an author that I’ve never read before, read two to four of their books and then review all of them for you in one post. They will probably be short and sweet reviews, otherwise the post will be too long, but I thought this would be a fun way to branch out to different authors.

This month the author is Isla Madden-Mills. Take a look at the books below…


What a ride this was. I absolutely adored this story.

Elizabeth has to be one of my favorite characters. Her development during the novel was outstanding to read about and I really loved watching her getting past everything that happened to her. I loved that this book was dual perspective so I could also read from Declan’s point of view. It helps to have dual pov when you’re reading about such a broody male character.

One this I would have to say I disliked a little bit was the word choices were sometimes just too intense. Too cheesy, almost creepy… for example:

“I wanted her in my skin.
I wanted her in my soul.
And I wanted in hers.”


^^ All I could think of as I read that part.

Other than that, this was fantastic.

4 Stars


I’ve always had a soft spot for men that use the nickname ‘Love’. Seriously, if it’s in a book, I’m in heaven.

This book follows Declan’s brother Dax. He’s a little more fun-loving and wild than his brother and it was great to read. I spent half my time reading this grinning like a damn fool over his character and Remi together. I think this couple might be OTP.

One thing I love about this author is that it’s so damn realistic. These characters were so well rounded and so vibrant that I couldn’t get enough of them.

Side note: If I owned a publishing company, I would make it completely against the rules to have an e-book end at 82% and have the rest just being a preview of another book. No. This is bad. I wanted more Dax and Remi and it was over way too soon.


5 Stars


Alright… I’m not going to lie. This one was a little… well, weird.

So for 50% of the book, Rose was 17 and Spider was 21. I’m not cool with that.

It was way too sexually explicit for such a creepy relationship. Not to mention, they were step-siblings. Not my cup of tea. Now granted, Rose was adopted anyways so they wouldn’t have any blood relation in any way, shape or form but still. Ew.

After the 50% mark, she was 19 and he was 23 for a chapter and then she was 21 and he was 25. That was easier to handle and when I actually started enjoying the book. I loved Rose’s character and I loved that Spider cleaned up and ended up being quite sweet, but there are some creep factors in this book.

If you don’t want to read a little creep, I would stop at the first two books. Definitely better.

3 Stars


So this one wasn’t quite as grin inducing as the first two novels I read, but it was still extremely enjoyable. The characters were great… I would love to read more about Cade’s brother, I’m pretty sure he was my favorite character in the novel. The story was smooth, and came together perfectly. There was just the right amount of drama and the perfect amount of steam.

Can’t say I would reread this one, but I read it in a day and enjoyed every minute of it.

4 Stars

Want to know how good this author is? I read four of her books in the same amount of days. Her writing style takes a little bit of getting used to, but if you can get over the slightly intense vocabulary, it’s smooth sailing from there.

I would highly recommend picking up any of this author’s books if you’re looking for a quick, mostly lighthearted read. She has another series and a couple more standalones that I will definitely be checking out before long.

I think I’m addicted.

4 Hearts

Until next time,


In the spirit of this wonderful holiday, I’m going to do a giveaway! All you need to do is comment on and like at least one post during the next 25 days and you’ll be entered to win a book($20.00 or less) of your choice from Book Depository.  Winner will be chosen and announced December 29th.


2 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 5: Kindle Unlimited #1 – Isla Madden-Mills

  1. Dirty English is on my list of books to read in the next month! I’ll let you know what I think of it!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. perpetualfangirl December 5, 2017 — 2:44 pm

      Please do! It was pretty good! And free 😂


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