Blogmas Day 20: Guest Post/Review: Emmy B. Reading


Trapped in a cabin in a raging blizzard with the one man on earth who could turn her world upside down…this Christmas holiday was not playing out at all the way Lil Reynolds had planned. Not even close.

When Lil’s former fiancé chose to marry on Christmas Eve—the day he and Lil had planned to marry one year ago—she knew she had to get out of town for the holidays.Heading to the isolated family cabin seemed like the perfect solution, until the blizzard came…and a man showed up at her door in the heart of the storm. Casey Lanigan. Her ex-fiancé’s brother. A man with whom she shared a secret summer romance many years ago. A man who’d betrayed her trust. A man who, despite everything, still made her heart beat a little harder…

So much for a Lanigan-free holiday.

If I had to choose three words to describe The Christmas Secret by Jeannie Watt, they would have to be: short, sweet, satisfying.

This book is the perfect holiday quick read that’s just filled to the brim with love. It features Casey and Lil — a pair of old flames shacked up together in a vacation cabin home while a snowstorm rages on. Stuck in a cabin with your ex-lover for a few days?

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The story is undeniably cute. Between Lil and Casey’s unfinished past, and Patricia and Tilde’s bickering, there’s plenty of room for “awww” moments. There’s also a healthy dose of seriousness, adding an almost dark sense to the book. Watt expresses this so well with her colorful characters. Each of them contribute to the rocky past that looms over them all in one way or another.

The book itself is rather short, as I mentioned above. This is a good and a bad thing. Good, because it’s a type of story that would have been even more awkward if it had been any longer. It all fell together nicely and ended just right. And I mean, eventuallyLil would have to face her ex-fiancé and his new bride again. Bad, because obviously I really enjoyed this book and I was bummed to see it come to an end. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way!

Trust is a huge factor in this story, and it reminds us that it can truly be a delicate thing that is broken much more easily than it can be repaired. The push-and-pull of Lil’s emotions felt realistic, and the guilt and frustrations Casey expressed were relatable. Losing someone you truly loved — and to your brother of all people! — can really do some damage, and sometimes time doesn’t heal all the wounds.

If you’re looking for something to get you into the holiday spirit, pick up The Christmas Secret!

There’s also a cat named Miss Kitty, who has to be one of the best characters.

giphy (9).gif

My Rating: 4/5

If you liked my review, feel free to check out my blog: (Emmy B. Reading)! I write reviews for every book I finish and am currently accepting books for review!


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2 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 20: Guest Post/Review: Emmy B. Reading

  1. Thanks so much for asking me to do this! It was a blast!

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    1. Anytime!! 🙂 I love seeing different perspectives on my blog 🙂


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