Blogmas Day 21: Popular Book Series That I Have No Intention Of Finishing

On the flip side of the book series that I’ll never read, there’s series that I really have no intention of finishing.

Which is always disappointing. You start a book and find out that there’s two, three or even more books that are out or coming out and then you read the first book and it doesn’t quite do it for you. Even worse so when you’ve already purchased other books from the series. I’m sure everyone has done it once or twice.

I just want to reiterate again that although I disliked these book, I’m not saying that they’re totally bad. They’re just not for me.

Now to the books:



I got pretty far into this series. I think I read around ten of them? There’s 16 books in all and I just found them so repetitive and can’t see myself ever finishing the series.






I read City of Bones quite a few years ago, but I just couldn’t get into it. It’s so hyped and I was hoping to have a huge series and spin offs to read, but I just can’t do it.







I really did enjoy Hush, Hush. I just didn’t continue reading the series after I finished it. And I’ve never found a time to re-read this one so I could get into it again.







Fallen was probably the hardest book to read. It’s so slow and so impossibly frustrating that I’m never going to get into it enough to finish the series.







I absolutely love re-tellings. Fairy tales, mythology, whatever it is, I love it. And although I enjoyed Cinder, when I tried to read Scarlet I was so bored out of my tree that I ended up napping half the time. Definitely won’t be finishing this one.




Do you suggest I finish any of these series? Or did you find you felt the same about any of these? Let me know.

Until next time,

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(Can I just comment on how beautiful this man is <3)

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8 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 21: Popular Book Series That I Have No Intention Of Finishing

  1. I wasn’t that interested in the Mortal Instruments either -I really thought I was the only one because everyone raves about it!! But I have to disagree with Hush, Hush lol. Maybe it was because I was in like 6th grade when I read the series, but I adored it (mostly Patch). And Scarlet is so much better than Cinder, in my opinion! I would definitely give it a try if you’re ever feeling iffy like I was.
    Great post! ❤

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    1. I honestly have to get around to rereading hush hush. If I ever pick it up again, I’m sure I would love it lol

      I think Mortal Instruments falls into the way over hyped category. My cousin was obsessed with it and nearly shoving the book in my face to read. Lol


      1. I agree! I liked the Infernal Devices a little better, but it was still just too slow and definitely overhyped like you said

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  2. Start with Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare (Infernal Device Series); it’s kind of a prequel to City of Bones but WAYYYYYYYY better and it made Mortal Instruments better to read (in my opinion). And yes, Scarlet was so hard to get through, I totally agree but the series ends SO good!! This list was great:) we all have some of those books. Haha

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    1. I will definitely give it a try! Maybe Clockwork Angel will be a challenge book for next year. 🙂

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  3. I completely agree with that whole list except for the mortal instruments. I love all of Cassandra’s book and I’ve been a fan since before all the hype. As for pll, I really hated that series, it was sooo annoying and childish. Especially Arya she was mainly the reason why I quit the whole thing. I think I only read 4 or 5 in that series. As for hush hush and fallen, I was super into them but when things get too religious I just have to stop because that really annoyed me. As for Cubder, I’m not sure if uve seen my review but I really hated it. I think it’s quite interesting to see other people Sharon some of my experiences!

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    1. Aaaah! Autocorrect!! Cinder* And sharing*

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  4. Haha auto correct is awful!

    Yeah, I don’t know why I couldn’t get into Cassandra Clares writing. I definitely do want to give it another shot. I mean, people adore this series and Clares writing… there has to be something to it haha


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