Blogmas Day 24: Christmas Romances

Here’s another bulk review of some Christmas romances. These books are all 18+ and definitely more on the… adultier side of Christmas stories. This is yet another product of Kindle Unlimited and me being in a contemporary mood.

I was searching through Kindle Unlimited and reading off the pretty awful titles to my husband. A giggle fest ensued and he helped me choose the cheesiest sounding ones for me to read for this. Enjoy these short and sweet reviews.


This was… interesting. I liked the fake fiance premise and it turned out to be pretty much what I expected. I wasn’t expecting the awful mother and everything about the main characters father, so it certainly helped deepen the story and not just have it be smut.

Although there was a lot of that. Like… every second chapter. The smut scenes were quite crude and to be honest, quite cringey, but it was exactly what I was looking for to read. It was hilarious and I pretty much laughed through a large portion of the books.

In the end, though, the romance was quite sweet. It’s a shame the characters were so dull. This was supposed to be a ‘bad boy’ romance but Samson was a millionaire business owner with tattoos. Not only did he not fit the premise set out in the novel, they also only mentioned the fact that he had tattoos half way through the novel.

Blaire was okay as a character. If we got to learn more about her other than the fact that she liked painting, it would’ve been nice.

I don’t expect much from these novels, but they’re fun to read.

4 Stars



What the fuck did I just read?

This was literally one of the worse examples of writing I have ever seen in my life.

A little tip: there are different ways to write dialogue in a novel. When the only thing you use is ‘said’ and ‘asked’, it is the most annoying thing ever. Other words you can use: Inquired, commented, sighed, declared, explained, whispered, questioned, stated, admitted, ect, ect. All it takes is a google search. Come on, people. Did this even get edited?

The only redeeming factor of this was the story line became slightly more interesting by the end of the novel. Everything else was awful. The sex scenes were crude and poorly written, the characters were annoying as fuck and had no depth or personality whatsoever, the descriptions were flat and were barely considered descriptions and worst of all, it was hardly a Christmas novel. Mentioning Christmas a half a dozen times and one instance of decorating does not make this a Christmas novel.

I have no interest in reading anything else from this author.

Don’t read this.

1 Star


After the other ‘Christmas’ books I read, I definitely needed this one. It was so sweet and so heart warming. This book was such a wonderful friends-to-lovers novel and it honestly made me so happy to read.

Now, a bit of warning… this book does contain a lot of religious content but it’s not pushy about it. The main love interest is a pastor at a church, so of course it will be religious. I’m not religious at all, but I didn’t find it overbearing at all.

I loved the two main characters and I loved how their relationship developed. Daniel was so sweet and I loved seeing him work through the death of his wife and reconcile that with the new relationship with Jessica.

If you want a heartwarming sweet Christmas romance, read this.

4 Stars


Hmm where to start…

I’m really impressed with this book. I wish I had known that it was the 4th book in the series before I read it, though.

It had that 4th book vibe. Like you were meant to already know things about some of the characters. I think I would of enjoyed it a lot more if I was attached to the side characters.

However, that still didn’t stop me from liking this.

This book was definitely steamy and sweet and Christmasy and everything I needed to read to get a little more into the holiday spirit. I loved how Andrew and Becca were together. They had already hooked up, so they had that previous connection that just fueled a very realistic relationship.

All the characters seemed to jump off the page. Even Becca’s parents and her sister. You immediately liked them even though they were side characters.

I also loved how determined Becca was. She wanted to follow her dream and she ended up having the support system to do it, which was a fantastic way to end the novel. I’m actually considering picking up the rest of this series to see what happened with the other band members.

Would recommend this one for sure. It’s a quick read, and makes you feel a little lost if you haven’t read the other ones, but I enjoyed it a lot.

4 Stars



You guys want something fucking cute?

This book seriously broke cute. Like shattered it into a million little pieces and then immediately made me want to put on a never ending loop of Christmas music.

A match making moose? Okay, so it sounds stupid as hell. But it totally wasn’t. It was adorable and quirky and funny and omfg.

I just can’t right now. My brain is filled with fluff and sweetness and I think this may have actually broken my brain.

I’m going to bed. Read this. It’s fucking adorable.

4 Stars

Check some of these out if you’re looking for something to curl up with on Christmas Eve.

Well… at least the first one and the last three.

Happy Christmas Eve ❤

Until next time,


In the spirit of this wonderful holiday, I’m going to do a giveaway! All you need to do is comment on and like at least one post during the next 25 days and you’ll be entered to win a book($20.00 or less) of your choice from Book Depository.  Winner will be chosen and announced December 29th.


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