#ASeriesAMonth2018: Fallen Series by Lauren Kate


Welcome to my first series review of 2017! My first successfully completed series is the Fallen series by Lauren Kate! Now there is a spin off book for Cam and a book of novellas and even though I bought them and will be reading them, I think I’m done with the Fallen series for right now. The other books will be read at a later time when I don’t have other books that I REALLY want to get to.

The struggle of the book worm, eh?


On to the review!

This series starts off kind of awful. If you’re looking for a book to put you to sleep, read the first one. But as the series goes on, it really does start picking up. By the third book I was pretty enamored with the whole back story and mythology behind everything. Even though until about 100 pages before the end of the last book, Lucinda is an annoying, selfish, whiny bitch face.

As you can tell, Luce is not my favorite character at all. One of the reasons for this being that she was in the back of an ambulance holding a cloth to a dying man’s stomach and she thinks to herself, “Oh, this is the worse thing I’ve ever gone through.. even when Cam kissed me at the school.” (She was having conflicting thoughts because she had feelings for Cam and Daniel)

*cough* No shit, you immature little twit, of course this is worse. Are you dumb? She was just so ridiculous. Now if she somehow compared it to her ex-boyfriend DYING in a FIRE, yeah I would kind of understand that. But comparing it to a boy kissing her? That was just straight out stupid.


Also, one thing. What the hell is with the whole thing in Paranormal romances when the guy saves the chick from some major accident and she’s immediately like “Oh, why did he do that? Does that mean he loves me? He’s running so hot and cold.” Dude. NO. He just doesn’t want to see someone get crushed to death by a statue/run over by a car/ect, ect. Have these authors only ever met douchebags? I’m pretty sure anyone would rescue someone from dying if they were able to.

Thankfully, this book does have some characters that are quite a bit better than Luce. Daniel is basically just a recycled Edward Cullen, the guy seriously doesn’t seem to have any emotion between glaring at people and professing his undying love to Luce.



Arriane is fantastic. I loved Roland. Actually, I loved all of the angels and Nephilim. But I think Penn is my favorite character through all of this. Although, Bill still comes pretty close… (before the plot twist of course).

At the end of the last book, I was damn near stuck to my Kindle. I guess I was kind of expecting the twist at the end, maybe I really should of but I really love how it ended up. I love Kate’s description of Heaven and the Fall and God. (God’s a woman, y’all!)

Even though this series does get quite a bit religious at the end, it wasn’t as stupid as I thought it was going to be. It approaches it like any other mythology. I appreciated that greatly. The drama that you get with mythology books was clear in this and the author made it work perfect.

All and all, I would recommend that you read this series. Try to stick through the first book, once you get through that boring as hell drabble, the series is actually pretty good!

4 Stars

Until next time,


7 thoughts on “#ASeriesAMonth2018: Fallen Series by Lauren Kate

  1. ❤ I read these books quite a few years ago and loved them 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. perpetualfangirl January 24, 2018 — 2:32 pm

      I definitely wish I would’ve stuck with them when I tried to read them 4ish years ago!

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  2. I love the Fallen series. lol. No regrets. haha. Nice review. I was surprised you gave it 4 stars!

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    1. Overall it was a 4 star series. The first book was a 2.5, rounded to 3 for sure.. but the last book was a solid 5 haha

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      1. I havent actually read the final book so im happy to hear it was the best! I lost track of the series before it came out. Im just rereading the whole series and have the last two books left.

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      2. It gets pretty good.

        Let me know what you think!

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