Book Review|Pulse by Danielle Koste

Rowan Platts is addicted to success.

When she’s presented with the chance to work on a top secret project fronted by her idol, renowned virologist Dr. Margot Miller, Rowan signs her life away without second thought. The realization she’s gotten in over her head comes only after the subject of their study is revealed: a boy with a bad attitude and an uninhibited taste for human blood.

He’s a medical anomaly. Having the ability to crush metal with his bare hands and hear a heartbeat from across the room, it would make Rowan’s career if she was the one to discover what made him so unusual.

Easier said than done, with a subject who prefers snapping necks over answering questions.

*received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts here are my own and are not influenced by receiving the book for free.

Why is every time I finish a really good book, the only thing I can think or say is ‘Holy Shit’. It’s like words completely fail me and I can’t form sentences anymore.

Let’s give this a try…

This book is not what I was expecting at all. Like… 100% I was completely expecting some paranormal romance trash (said with utmost love, because I love paranormal romance) and not this… smart, plot-twisty, heart-pounding wonder of a novel.

Plot-twisty.. that’s a thing now.

This was such an amazing book. Definitely not for the feint of heart. It’s bloody, gory and would make an absolutely bad-ass movie. Okay, maybe don’t make this into a movie unless they can promise to take the images out of my head and put them on screen. Danielle Koste does such a good job at making the images just come to life in your head. Her descriptions were so simple, but so vivid and made the novel so enjoyable.

Now.. one thing I want to touch on… this is not technically a romance. There’s some undertones of romance between Rowan and ‘the Subject’, don’t get me wrong. And there’s definitely some loving at the end, BUT don’t worry if you hated Twilight or other paranormal romances, read this. This is so worth the read.

It’s more science-y.

See, I can’t even keep my fucking thoughts straight my mind is so blown.

I loved everything about this. Like absolutely everything. This is going on my favorite books of 2018 list and I honestly hope this author comes out with other stories soon, because this was unlike anything I ever read before.

I want more.

5 Hearts

This doesn’t even get stars. This gets fucking hearts. That’s how amazing this was.

Until next time, Book Worms,


6 thoughts on “Book Review|Pulse by Danielle Koste

  1. Book seems super interesting. I’d love to review it over my blog as well. You didn’t share the book links or Maybe I missed them in mobile view. Anyway I am sucker for sci fi and romance.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. perpetualfangirl February 4, 2018 — 6:40 am

      I don’t tend to share links for purchase. I should probably start adding it, but here’s the Amazon link!

      And Goodreads of course


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