Book Recommendations: Mythology 

I don’t know about you guys, but I have always been fascinated by Mythology. When I was a kid in Elementary school, we used to have this thing called the Tree House. A couple times a week, we would go to a loft that was decorated like the inside of a tree and learn about all different types of mythology and have play time.

So, with that, I decided to do a post about my favorite mythology books. These are all books that I have read and have no lower than a 4 star rating.


Ink is an amazing novel that surrounds Japanese mythology. I read this book a couple years ago and once I started I couldn’t put down the entire series. I highly recommend it if you want something that incorporates mythology with art and amazing story telling.


I remember absolutely loving this book! Irish mythology, fae and magic has always been a favorite of mine! I loved the arranged marriage romance aspect of it as well. It was so different that it was amazing.


Receiver of Many is a Persephone and Hades retelling. Definitely more on the adult side compared to the other recommendations, but amazing! I still haven’t read the sequel, but I own it and it’s on my immediate TBR for sure.


This is a new read for me and also the first time I ever read a book with Mayan mythology. This was a great read, and definitely one that I think more people should check out.

And of course, anything by Rick Riordan. That man is a genius when it comes to mythology books! If you haven’t picked up the Percy Jackson series, it’s a book that I will recommend time over time. It just has such lovable characters that you really feel for, and I don’t think you can ask much more from great books.

That’s all for the Mythology recommendation post! Is there any mythology books that you guys love? Let me know, I love being recommended books!

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7 thoughts on “Book Recommendations: Mythology 

  1. I love mythologies!!! The first I’ve read is the Percy Jackson series then I attacked Uncle Rick’s other works (exc for Magnus Chase). Added every book on your list. Thanks for the awesome recommendations! 💛

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    1. You’re welcome! I hope you enjoy them ❤

      Rick Riordan is king of mythology haha

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  2. I love mythologies! I’m obsessed with greek mythology, so Riordan is the best for me, but I didn’t know the other books, I definetely check out, thanks for this post!

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    1. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy them! ❤


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