Book Haul|February 2018

I’ve been thinking of doing a book haul for a little while now. I tend to get a TON of books for free from BookBub, so I never really thought that it would be worth it.

BUT, then I thought that I absolutely love reading book hauls… so why not.

I’m just going to post the cover, let me know what you think of this layout.




Have you read any of these? Let me know! I highly recommend joining BookBub! I have been a part of it for at least a year and I have gotten so many amazing free books. I’m in no way sponsored by BookBub, I just love them ❤

Until next time,

Bree ❤

2 thoughts on “Book Haul|February 2018

  1. I grabbed Birthright too! Not sure when I’ll get around to reading it though. I have sooo many other books I need/want to read first.

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    1. perpetualfangirl March 12, 2018 — 1:45 pm

      I’m curious about it! Hopefully it’s good


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