WWW Wednesday #1

I’ve seen this floating around the book blogging community for a while and I wanted to join it. Basically, I’m just going to let you know what I’m currently reading, what I just finished reading and what I’m reading next.

This was created by Sam.

What I Just Finished Reading:

What I’m Currently Reading:

What I’m Reading Next:


Hope you enjoyed this little update post! Let me know what you’re WWW is šŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday #1

  1. boyishbookworm March 7, 2018 — 4:02 pm

    WWW is so much fun! Iā€™m glad you joined this weekly meme. The Wicked Deep has a very pretty cover šŸ™‚

    My WWW post

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    1. perpetualfangirl March 7, 2018 — 4:03 pm

      That’s one of the first things I noticed. Cover love for sure for this one!

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  2. I hope you love The Wicked Deep! I have been hearing great things about it!

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    1. perpetualfangirl March 7, 2018 — 5:26 pm

      So far so good! It’s so creepy and I love it lol

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  3. The whole white jot kiss series has been sitting on my shelf for months! I really need to get round to it because it looks so good!!
    Loved this post ā¤ļø

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    1. perpetualfangirl March 7, 2018 — 6:06 pm

      Thank you!

      Yes, the series is fantastic. Brings a new twist to the whole demon thing. I love it


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