Conspiracy/History/Mythical Creatures videos

You want to know what I love almost as much as books? Videos/articles about unexplained things or conspiracies. Aliens, Cryptozoology, History, mytholology, lost cities, everything. I love it all!

I mean, do I believe in all of it? No, not really. But I find it absolutely fascinating. I always have. I was the kid watching history channel documentaries and mockumentaries about mermaids and the Loch Ness monster, bigfoot and aliens. How freaking amazing would it be if the Loch Ness monster was real? Or Mermaids. Trust me Mermaids: A Body Found was the most fascinating, believable mockumentary that I have ever watched in my life.

I have found myself falling into a pit on Youtube of video after video of “Look at this monster that washed up on the beach”, “Real mermaid video taped in (enter country here)”.

I have spent hours binge watching documentaries about Aliens. Unsealed Alien Files on Netflix is one of my absolute favorites.

So, now that I’ve admitted that I’m an absolute nerd and clearly have no friends, I wanted to recommend a couple YouTubers that I have been watching lately that make absolutely AMAZING videos about everything scary, creepy, and completely fascinating.

I also have to thank my sister for making me fall into an endless pit of all these videos. I’m hooked.

First YouTuber is Shane Dawson.

You can find him on YouTube and Twitter. Check out a playlist of his conspiracy/creepy videos.

I spent something like 6-7 hours watching all of his videos, and let me tell you.. do not watch these at night. Some of his videos left me absolutely wrecked. So creepy.

The second YouTuber I’ve been watching most recently is Kendall Rae. This girl is absolutely awesome. She covers all these serial killers, missing persons, mythology, mermaids, anything someone like me would be glued to. My favorite video that she made was the one about Atlantis. I highly recommend you watch that one!

Please let me know what your favorite conspiracy/mythologies are. I would love to know! And if you have any links to videos or articles or recommendations for documentaries/mockumentaries, let me know what the names are. I’d love to watch them!

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my nerdier side! If you wanted me to go into specifics of what my favorite conspiracy/myths are, let me know!

Until next time,


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