Sunday Chat|Favorite Romance Tropes

Last night, my husband and I were watching Riverdale and we got into the conversation about romance tropes. Betty and Jughead are a fantastic example of the ‘bad boy and good girl’ trope. Even though Jughead isn’t a bad guy, it’s how he’s perceived by a lot of people and that’s what matters for tropes.

So for anyone who has never heard the term before, a trope is a plot device. Like a magical school or the average kid who ends up having magical powers.

I decided to make a post about romance tropes. Particularly some of my favorite tropes.

Bad boy and Good girl

This trope is pretty much everywhere and I actually adore it. Jughead and Betty from Riverdale, Jax and Tara from Sons of Anarchy, Emily and Oz from Nowhere But Here. There’s something fascinating about seeing how their morals and ideologies mix or clash.

Boy/girl next door

This one tends to interweave with the friends-to-lovers trope. Usually has a girl and a boy who go to school together and have known each other their entire lives. Also can be a boy or girl who just moved in next door. Daemon and Katy from Obsidian, Maddy and Olly from Everything, Everything, Charlie and Braden from On The Fence, Samantha and Jase from My Life Next Door. I find this trope tends to be the most pure and heartwarming.

Enemies to Lovers

If there’s anything I love more than Friends-to-Lovers is Enemies-to-Lovers. There’s something to fantastic about that slow burn, makes you want to strangle one or both of them. It’s so so nice to see. As long as it’s sweet and doesn’t end up crossing into the abusive territory. Jemma and Ryder from Magnolia, Bianca and Wesley from The DUFF, even Anabeth and Percy from the Percy Jackson series (yes, I count this). It’s pretty great to read about.

Best Friends Brother/Brothers Best Friend

This is one that’s definitely lower on my list of favorites, but I’ll read it if it’s available. I’m pretty sure the Brothers Best Friend trope has been around for years and years. In television shows and movies, it’s one of those typical things. The best example that I could find for this is Jeb and Alyssa from the Splintered series.

Trapped Together

This is one of my favorites. Throw in the trope that they hate each other, and it’s a nearly perfect book. One of my all time favorite books has this trope: Frigid by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Having the tension build while they’re stuck together is a wonderful thing to read.

What are your favorite romance tropes? Any that you can’t stand to read. Let’s talk πŸ™‚

Until next time,

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Chat|Favorite Romance Tropes

  1. I actually love all of these, but my ultimate favourite got to be enemies-to-lovers because I love a great slow-burn romance and this trope usually provides this + huge tension and angst. I adore this post, especially how you added some examples too, now you got me curious about some of the books on this post.
    Lovely post! ❀

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    1. perpetualfangirl March 25, 2018 — 4:52 pm

      Thank You!

      That slow burn is amazing ❀ so much better than insta love lol


  2. I couldn’t agree any more with thisπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  3. Enemies to lovers is probably my favourite one of the list, but I haven’t read enough books about it sadly!!

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    1. perpetualfangirl March 26, 2018 — 1:22 am

      I think I need to make a huge list of books that I’ve read and want to read for these types of books. It’s awesome.

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      1. That would make an awesome post 😊

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  4. auroralibrialis March 26, 2018 — 4:13 pm

    Enemies to Lovers is definitely my favorite romance trope – I love it so much. Bad boy and Good girl is a really good one too, I loved Phoebe and Cole’s romance on Charmed and Tara and Jax. I like good boy and bad girl too – but I’m struggling to think of any example, I guess that’s not as popular. Great post πŸ™‚

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    1. perpetualfangirl March 26, 2018 — 4:20 pm

      Oh that one’s definitely tougher! I don’t know if I’ve ever read a good boy, bad girl romance. I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for them, though!


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