Book Review|Heavenward by Olga Gibbs

Life is tough for Ariel. A childhood, filled with domestic violence, neglect, abuse and the reccurring nightmare that plagues her every night, for as long as she remembers, questioning her sanity, and a secret, which she doesn’t want anyone to know and is so desperately to forget herself.
Now she’s locked away in a rural town in a Northern England, with her life as dull as the town itself.
But when three new students appear in a sleepy town’s school, Ariel doesn’t suspect that her life is about to change forever, as she is drawn into an ancient celestial conflict, that is bigger than her, and which she needs to survive to remain herself.
But would you chose to protect humanity that broke you or would you take revenge?
It’s a story of a survivor, who’s refusing to be a victim and is prepared to fight until the end.

This book is a magical story of a strong heroine, finding yourself and love. This book is a young adult fantasy adventure with a strong protagonist at its centre and will guarantee to thrill fans of Hunger Games, Divergent and Philip Pullman.

WARNING: Contains graphic scenes of violence that some may find disturbing.



Physical or Ebook?
EBook from Kindle Unlimited

Have you ever read a book by this author before?
This is the authors debut novel.

Paranormal romance/Fantasy

Star Rating?
4 Stars

I could actually see myself rereading this. Especially to refresh my memory for the other books in the series

If it’s a series, would you continue reading it?
Yes. I will definitely be continuing this series.

Is this a part of a challenge?

Who would you recommend this for?
I would recommend this to fans of Fallen or other paranormal YA romances.


The author approached me to read this novel. She offered to provide me with a free copy for review, but I saw that it was available through Kindle Unlimited, so I decided to get it from there. I am hella impressed by this novel. I didn’t expect to love it as much, but honestly it’s like everything I wanted Fallen to be. It’s Fallen, but better haha

The main issue I have with this novel is the cover. The cover is not eye catching at all and kind of looks like it was done in Paint. But this is another case of not judging the book by it’s cover. The content of the novel is absolutely fantastic. You get action, drama, a strong heroine and definitely a peak at some romances that I’m excited to continue reading about.

I do have to admit that some of the descriptions were completely unnecessary and could probably be scrapped. But other ones were done literally to perfection. I’m pretty sure Im going to have nightmare guard dudes, because screw those guys lol.

All in all, I think this was a fantastically written and planned novel. I’m very much looking forward to continuing this series.

Amazon CA

This novel is free on Kindle for the weekend and it’s also on Kindle Unlimited!

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