One Upon A Night by J.F. Kaufmann

37889216Midnight… She knows she must leave. He knows he can’t let her.

Once Upon a Night
At first glance, Angela and Nick don’t seem to have much in common: she’s a young widow trying to make ends meet, and he’s a self-made billionaire in his mid-thirties. He’s confident, well-educated and eloquent; she’s shy, has struggled through school and communicates more easily with horses than with people.
But they share a deep, aching loneliness and the need for a brief escape – Angela from the ghosts of her past, and Nick from his uncertain future.
When the clock strikes midnight, will it bring the end or a new beginning?Blind Date
Two years after her divorce, Hannah is ready to move on. But when her friend pushes her to go on a blind date with a gallery owner, Hannah is hesitant. She’s attracted to Edward, an architect who works in the same building, even though they’ve barely exchanged two words.
Edward also has a blind date. The woman he’s about to meet, according to his friend, is “brilliant and gorgeous”. Edward would be intrigued, if only he could stop thinking of the quiet, shy and sexy-as-hell Hannah, the book editor from the top floor.

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This book doesn’t really sit well with me. There’s a couple reasons. The first being that Angela goes home with a man the night of her husbands funeral and sleeps with him. That man is also her dead husband’s cousin? What? It was just so random and so weird that I was stuck on that almost the entire time. Not to mention that Nick is married, although he is ‘technically’ separated from his wife? At least keep it in your pants until your divorce is finalized.. or hell, at least filed. They pop out multiple children and live happily ever after. Of course, because there would be no trust issues…

The second novella in this is regarding Nick’s wife (now ex-wife) Hannah who gets trapped in an elevator with someone at work. Of course they instantly have a heart to heart and mind-blowing sex before Hannah finds out, Oh surprise, this is the guy that you were supposed to be meeting for a blind date. The pop out twins and live happily ever after. Right, because Hannah wouldn’t deal with issues stemming from her first husband cheating on her.

I don’t think this one was for me. I didn’t like the whole premise of the story line, which is cheating and sex with random people you barely know.

The author has an absolutely wonderful writing style, though and I did thoroughly enjoy reading it even if the story itself wasn’t my thing. I will definitely be taking a look at the authors other works.

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3 thoughts on “One Upon A Night by J.F. Kaufmann

  1. Haha romance novels can be crazy sometimes eh?

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    1. perpetualfangirl May 11, 2018 — 1:01 pm

      A little bit. I love romance, but this one was a bit of a stretch even for me haha

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