Book Unhaul #1

So here’s the thing…

99% of the time, I read books on my Kindle. Even if I happen to get a physical copy, I will search Scribd and KU to see if it’s available before I crack open the physical copy. I just straight up prefer e-books now.

There’s a ton of different reasons why, but that’s for another day.

Because of that, I have decided to unhaul most of my books. The rescue I’m fostering for is having a yard sale to help with some of the expenses related to the kitties in care. So I’m donating most of the books I’ve unhauled to them.

I started out with over 300 books on my shelf. I unhauled 149.

I’m not unhauling them because I disliked them. That was my last unhaul. This is more just a “I’m never going to read these again and even if I do, they’re available on Scribd/KU.”

These will all go to people I’m sure will love them and at the same time, it will help some kitties ❤

Until next time!



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