Read A Chapter Tag

Hey all!

So I decided I would do something fun here and do the Read A Chapter Tag.

Essentially I am just choosing five books. I’m going to read the first chapter of said book and then decide which one I want to keep reading.

Whichever book is picked will be added to my August TBR and reviewed!

For fun, I’m also going to predict my star rating for each of these books.

I’m definitely intrigued at this one. The beginning is simple enough, just setting the stage of the main character that’s about to meet her new roommate. She’s trying to move out of her Uncles house where she’s staying while she’s in school.
There’s a hot jerk in front of her that she gets into some hilariously aggressive banter with. (Who’s obviously going to be her new roommate.)
I predict I would give this a 4 star rating.

I really liked Simon Vs. Like, really loved it. But one thing I disliked was Leah’s character. I’m not too sure how much I’m going to like this one. Even in the first chapter, her internal monologue is kind of annoying and just plain out rude. Within the first few pages she’s already making some sarcastic remark about her friends, a teacher and anything else. The snarkiness isn’t cute. It’s irritating.
I predict I’d give this a 2 or 3 star rating.

Wow. This one is daaaark. I guess it’s an adult fantasy romance? Or that’s what I’m understanding from Goodreads. The main characters is locked up in some nasty dungeon while being referred to only as ‘Slut’ and listening to prisoners who have been driven mad by their captivity.
I’m definitely intrigued and do want to read more. But I have a feeling this will be a long haul fantasy series.
I predict this one would be a 4 star for me.

My god. A prologue and chapter 1 and there’s already been two deaths. Actually?
I’m starting to really love Fae novels and I seriously have to read more of them.
I predict I would give this one 4 Stars

Cheesy cover aside, this book sounds kind of hilarious. A greek god comes to earth and falls in love with a woman who works at a museum. And it’s set in Canada. Toronto. I love this.
I predict that this will be at least a 4 star book

This is really hard to choose. I kind of want to read all of them.

But I think for the month of August I will most likely read Enamor and For The Love Of God. Those are the two that stuck out to me the most.

However, those two fantasy novels are not far behind at all.

Hope you enjoyed this little post. Stay tuned for my full TBR tomorrow!

Until then,

Bree ❤

6 thoughts on “Read A Chapter Tag

  1. Dreamer’s Pool is great! It was a 5 star for me. I’m a huge fan of Juliet Marillier though. A lot of people complained about Dreamer’s Pool being too predictable,which I can see, but the characters are so great it didn’t matter to me. And Grim is bae!

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    1. perpetualfangirl August 3, 2018 — 1:45 pm

      I’m really curious about it!

      Is there a romance? I was slightly confused with that.

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      1. That’s a hard question to answer without spoiling things. There’s a really sweet romance that is essential to the plot and it’s shelved with a romance sticker on it at the library but I would classify it as a mystery first, romance second. There are certainly a LOT of emotions. I got the warm fuzzies many times while reading this. Seriously, I could gush about this series for days, but it’s hard to go into too much detail without spoiling. Even in the first few chapters. I haven’t read the third book yet. I’m sad to see it end. But I think I know where it’s going and I can’t wait!!! I’m not helping, am I…

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      2. perpetualfangirl August 3, 2018 — 2:05 pm

        🤣🤣 all good! Hopefully i can get to the whole series sometime this year. Im liking fae novels more and more.

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      3. Sweet! If you read it, I can’t wait to talk to you about it! 😀

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      4. perpetualfangirl August 3, 2018 — 2:47 pm

        We will definitely have a chat! Haha

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