To-Be-Read|August 2018

My plans for August are pretty simple:

Finish writing my book.

I know I only started writing it earlier in July, but I want to get as much written as possible and then start edits, get it out to Beta readers, get it formatted and then get it out to people to read ARCs. I’m hella excited for this book. And hella excited to start writing the next one!

However, I still want to read a bunch in August. So take a look at my TBR!

I also have a fair few arcs to read this month as well.

I am going to be one busy bee in August.

What are you planning on reading this month?

Until next time,

Bree ❤


13 thoughts on “To-Be-Read|August 2018

  1. My list is completely different from yours but also long. I’m currently loving Jenny Lawson’s audiobook “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.
    Also reading & loving “The Story of Arthur Trulov” by Elizabeth Berg.

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  2. I have an ARC for Elizabeth Berg’s next book, and am also reading a book of Native American poetry called Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings. Plus I’m editing (for work) a book that’s a memoir by a TV personality but I am not supposed to talk about it until it comes out.

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