Fostering Cats| Update #9 George and Ruby

So Noah went off to his new foster home and he is absolutely loving living with no other cats. He has a human and a child all to himself and he is doing so well! I’ll still update you all when he gets adopted ❤

George and Ruby are doing amazing.

I was able to cut Ruby’s nails and she now lets me pet her pretty much whenever I want. She still has some days where she really doesn’t want to be touched, which is fine. I have learned how very defensive she is of her George. I had given them all catnip and George tried to eat Finns pile. Well, Finn was confused and gently batted at George’s head, more of a “Hey thats mine”. Ruby lost it! She hissed, batted and screamed at Finn until he got away from George. She’s very protective of him and it’s kind of adorable.

She’s still learning how to play properly with my two cats and therefor looks more like she’s attacking than playing which scares the crap out of my two. Precious was so upset that she ran over and stood guard over Finn until Ruby ran away.

George is a sweetie as always. He just wants to play and be loved all the time. He’ll let me pick him up, ill feed him treats out of my hands and he loves chin scratches. He has started following my husband around and laying next to him whenever he’s gaming on the couch. So that’s amazing.

Ruby even let my husband pet her. I was so proud.

These two are probably going to be in care with me for a while. Semi-ferals usually are. Especially being as they’re a bonded pair and Ruby takes so long to warm up to people.

But! I love them and I don’t want them to leave anyways. My husband and I actually had a serious conversation about foster failing. In the end, we decided that four cats in our two bedroom apartment permanently, plus other fosters would be way too much.

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Fostering Cats| Update #9 George and Ruby

  1. You have the sweetest foster babies. Good to hear they are settling in nicely. Hope they find as nice a home as they’ve found with you 😀

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    1. perpetualfangirl August 13, 2018 — 3:40 pm

      Awe thank you❤

      I hope they find an amazing home too. They deserve it❤

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