Plastic Magician by Charlie N. Holberg

Wall Street Journal bestselling author Charlie N. Holmberg returns to the enchanting world of The Paper Magician.

Alvie Brechenmacher has arrived in London to begin her training in Polymaking—the magical discipline of bespelling plastic. Polymaking is the newest form of magic, and in a field where there is so much left to learn, every Polymaker dreams of making the next big discovery.

Even though she is only an apprentice, Alvie is an inventor at heart, and she is determined to make as many discoveries—in as short a time frame—as she can. Luckily for her, she’s studying under the world-renowned magician Marion Praff, who is just as dedicated as Alvie is.

Alvie’s enthusiasm reinvigorates her mentor’s work, and together they create a device that could forever change Polymaking—and the world. But when a rival learns of their plans, he conspires to steal their invention and take the credit for it himself.

To thwart him, Alvie will need to think one step ahead. For in the high-stakes world of magical discovery, not everyone plays fair…


Physical or Ebook?

Have you ever read a book by this author before?
I read the previous three books in this series (Review: 1, 2, 3)

Young Adult Fantasy

Star Rating?
4 Stars

I, personally, wouldn’t reread this.

If it’s a series, would you continue reading it?
I think this is the last of the books in this world. But if there’s more, I will definitely read them.

Who would you recommend this for?
Anyone who loves an interesting magic system.


I was extremely impressed by this book. Alvie was such an amazing character and I loved how smart and inventive she was. This book definitely doesn’t focus MUCH on romance but the little bit of love budding up between Alvie and Bennett was absolutely adorable!

So was that scene that popped up with Ceony and Emery. I thought that was a perfect addition to this novel.

One thing I love about this author is the books are so quick and sweet and wrap up perfectly. Some novels just tend to drag on and on, so if you’re looking for something a little more direct, this is perfect for it.

Even if you haven’t read the rest of the series, this spin off is definitely a good read!

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