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Thank you to the wonderful creator of this tag BooksInTheSkye for tagging me in this 🙂 Check out her blog and her answers to this amazing Tag!

Here are the rules!

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There’s so many authors I appreciate greatly for many different reasons. Of course Jennifer Armentrout has to be mentioned, but also Danielle Koste, Olga Gibbs and so so many more ❤

I tag:

  1. Bookish Owlette
  2. Books Nest
  3. The Book Assasin
  4. Books.Faith.Love
  5. Blissfully Bookish

Paper Magician- In Holmberg’s world Paper Magician’s are used to complete different tasks. One of their main jobs is to provide entertainment. What is a book that you can always reread?

Any book by JLA


Particularly Frigid. This book is so simple and sweet and adorable. I can easily reread it a few times a year.

Plastic Magician- In Holmberg’s world Plastic Magician is a new trade where spells are starting to be introduced into the world. Who is a new author that everyone should know about?

Danielle Koste


Danielle’s debut novel was such an amazing twist on a vampire romance. It was that, but not. I don’t know how to describe it, but it was amazing.

Gaffer (Glass) Magician- In Holmberg’s world Gaffer Magician’s are used for different tasks but their main job is mirror travel. What book would you like to travel to?

Let’s be perfectly honest here.

I’m a complete wimp. I’m not too fond of the idea of going to a world with creatures that can kill me. (Speaking as if our world doesn’t have dangerous things.. whatever)

I would have to play it safe and say Narnia. Or maybe the Harry Potter books. At least that way I would be equipped to deal with the things that wanted me dead.

Smelter (Metal) Magician- In Holmberg’s world Smelter Magicians enchant metals, typically guns used for accuracy. What is your favorite pair of villains or battle scene?

Villains, I would definitely have to say either Lokesh from The Tiger’s Saga or Amarantha from ACOTAR. (It’s not often that you get a villain that’s female and vicious af. Not just petty because the other girl is ‘prettier’)

Lokesh was so creepy and intensely evil, it was basically perfect. Tiger’s Curse is so fluffy that it needed that darkness to balance it.

Rubber Magicians– In Holmberg’s world Rubber Magician’s make special shoes and cars. Who is a character you’d like to switch places with?


Katy from Obsidian.

Who wouldn’t want to know Daemon and Dee. Seriously, I feel like Dee could be my bff and I could eventually get used to Daemon’s sass.

Pyro Magicians- In Holmberg’s world Pyro Magician’s have control over fire. What is your favorite book featuring fire?


There’s a chapter in Tiger’s Destiny called Sati Wife. That chapter is my absolute favorite.

Excisioner- In Holmberg’s world, an excisioner deals with blood magic, even though it is a forbidden form of magic. What book made your heart bleed?


This book hella destroyed my heart. I loved every last minute of it but it was such a heart wrenching and difficult story to read.

Please feel free to do this tag and let me know! I can’t wait to see everyone’s answers! ❤

Until next time,


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