What The Flower Says Of Death by Danielle Koste

28873663Violet Holt has already met Death once.

After a failed suicide attempt, she finds herself dumped by her callous mother on the doorstep of her family’s desolate oceanside estate. With only the company of her estranged grandmother, comatose grandfather, and the monsters in her head, at least there was no one to interfere with her plans to try again on her eighteenth birthday.

No one, except maybe Jack: a skeleton of a boy who says he’s there to rake her grandmother’s leaves, yet seems more experienced at stalking than grounds-keeping. She knows he’s keeping a secret behind his gentle smiles and aloofness, but it’s difficult for Violet to be put off by his untimely thin-air appearances when figuring out the mystery of his true identity makes for such a good distraction.

Violet’s trauma is deeper than the wound on her wrist though, and it cannot be simply whisked away in a whirlwind of guessing games and pleasant gestures. She struggles to reconnect with her grandmother, find forgiveness for her mother, and closure with her grandfather’s dire condition, all while battling the strain of it all on her family. Even with a flicker of something hopeful blossoming within herself, Violet knows her birthday plans must be inevitable.

Death wouldn’t be there for her if it wasn’t.

*I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Physical or Ebook?

Have you ever read a book by this author before?
I read Pulse a while back

Paranormal romance

Star Rating?
5 Stars

100% no. Simply for the reason that I dont think I can put my emotions through that again.

If it’s a series, would you continue reading it?
I would definitely read more about Jack or Violet.

Who would you recommend this for?
Anyone who loves Paranormal romance with… more.


This book is… amazing, heartbreaking, breath taking.

This book made me cry.

I barely have words to describe what I’m feeling right now. I actually started reading it a few weeks ago and had to take a little break because it was so heavy. I definitely recommend going into this book with a fair bit of caution.

Violet is very much a girl suffering from terrible depression that really needs to talk to someone regarding her mental health. She’s sent to live with her grandmother after a failed suicide attempt. That’s not exactly conducive to a recovery or treatment of a mental illness.

All in all, I think the author did deal with the subject matter respectfully and with brutal honesty that’s sometimes necessary.

I just want to warn you that this gets dark. Not just the death but being inside Violet’s head with her thoughts of harming herself and obsession with making bucket lists and planning her suicide is not easy.

Jack was a fantastic character that didn’t work to change Violet. Just because she was with him, she didn’t go “Okay, I’m going to live now.” But he was a wonderful addition to the story and he definitely helped Violet.

I mean, even though he’s… nevermind.

Anyways, if you are interested in this book (and I strongly urge you to check it out) it releases September 25th:
Amazon CA

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