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If you are heading off on your travels, be it a short vacation or epic adventure, it’s always good to be able to pass the time spent traveling by being transported to another world or someone else’s adventure. This can add excitement and meaning to your own journey and it may even help you find what you’re looking for on your trip. So, let’s take a look at 6 of the best books you can take with you on your travels.

Seven Years In Tibet

If you’re traveling the Himalayas, Asia or on any type of hiking trip then this will be a great read for you. This book brilliantly combines dramatic historical events with a journey and exploration of a completely different culture to most of us are familiar with. If you have an interest in Buddhism and Tibetan culture, then this really is a must read. The book even explores the early life of the Dalai Lama.

The Lord Of The Rings

When you’re on an epic journey of your own embarking upon the unknown, it’s good to read something that mirrors that. The Lord Of The Rings is one of the most famous epic journeys in literature and as such it’s a great read for any excited traveler. Not only is the book gripping and entertaining, it’s also lengthy and when you’re traveling long distances and have lots of time to kill lengthy books are definitely your friend!

Eat, Pray, Love

We all need a bit of positivity in our lives and this book has got it in spades. When embarking on your travels, particularly if you’re traveling alone, this book is the perfect partner. Once again, this book can mirror your own travels and it’s core message to take the time to enjoy life is exactly what every traveler should be focusing on.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

There’s something very comforting about silly adventures and charmingly odd characters and with this book you will discover both. It’s written with a typically British wit and humour and at its core it is a road trip book, albeit one set in space. This book will help you escape the mundane traveling process and make you laugh out loud in the process. You might even learn the meaning of life and why you should always have a towel with you.

The Rum Diary

If you have seen the film starring Johnny Depp then you will know that the Rum Diary offers the reader exotic locations, mystery, humour and lots of drinking which lead to misadventures. Set in Puerto Rico, the book is based on the author Hunter S. Thompson’s own time there working as a reporter. You will be introduced to the Caribbean through the eyes of wild and eccentric characters which make this read one that’s very difficult to put down. It’s a little shorter than the others so it’s perfect for a shorter trip or a beach read.

The Alchemist

This is one of those books that everyone should read at some point in their lives. In fact, the messages in it are so important that it should be part of the school curriculum. This is the perfect travel book as it’s about a journey, both physically and spiritually. The author Paulo Coelho is basically teaching the reader about the concept of the law of attraction and how if you focus on positivity and what you want to achieve in life that anything is possible. A powerful and inspiring message for any traveler.

So there you have it, 6 very different but equally enjoyable books for anyone venturing out into the world in search of adventures and experiences.

Written by Stuart Cooke from Uni Baggage, a door to door delivery service that helps travellers send their baggage ahead to their destination.

4 thoughts on “Guest Post|Six Great Books To Read On Your Travels

  1. Regarding “Eat Pray Love” I only needed to read “Eat” three time and skip the other sections.

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    1. 😂😂😂 sameeee.

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      1. I have my priorities! 🍕🥖🍤🧀

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  2. What a great post! Somebody gifted me The Alchemist a couple of years back, but I never got around to reading it. I wonder where it got off to…haha. 🙂

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