Angel’s Landing by Danial Hooper

Hey all!

So I have something a little different for you today.

An author reached out to me to review his book. Unfortunately, I’m a little overrun at the moment and don’t have the availability for another ARC.

However, he also explained some things about the book and I felt like I had to share! Check out the email from him that I got:

My wife and I recently went through In Vitro Fertilization in order to have our first baby together. It’s basically an anxiety-filled, hormonal, emotionally scarring experience that’s totally worth it. I woke her up every morning to put a giant needle in her rear-end and then massaged her butt every night. We were lucky enough for it to work on the first round. I can’t imagine spending years going through this. Adding to our luck, we had financial help from family. I stress over money all the time, this saved me from going bald before I turn 35.

I wrote Angel’s Landing while we were going through the testing, shots, retrieval, more shots, frozen transfer, more shots, the positive test, and 6 more weeks of shots. We decided early that we would donate 1/2 of royalties from Angel’s Landing to a family going through IVF. #BooksForBabies will help us find families to help.

Angel’s Landing is about newlyweds struggling after witnessing a suicide while celebrating their first anniversary. I tried to tell a Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl) and a Ruth Ware (Girl in Cabin 10) type story., but still keeping true to myself.

You can find Danial @
Facebook Author Page
Instagram: @instadanial_
BooksForBabiesIVF Facebook

This is such a fantastic cause and I definitely want to spread the word on this!

I bought my copy last night!

If you’re interested, info about the book is below ❤

thumbnail_Angels Landing Front CoverIt was the perfect marriage until their first anniversary. Witnessing a tragedy has ruined their unconventional getaway. Evan has become depressed while Scarlet has gone cold. Every day has a new self-serving argument. Counseling might work, but at what cost? Can he handle the truth? Will she open up? How many secrets are the newlyweds hiding from one another? Under constant pressure to follow their therapists direction – as well as police involvement – the couple unravel as more lies are exposed. It all comes down to one question: Who really died at Angels Landing?
Amazon CA

Happy reading, fam,




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