4 thoughts on “🎃Down The TBR Hole Part Two [Time To Clean Out My Want To Read List]

  1. I’ve only read like, 3 of those and I wouldn’t exactly recommend them (nor would I say they should be avoided, tbh). For example, Linger. I read the Wolves of Mercy Falls quartet (original trilogy plus Sinner) and the book I liked the most was the final one, while most people I’ve seen adore the first three and can even dislike the 4th *shrugs*

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  2. I’ve only read The Hunger Games and I remember really enjoying it when I read it.

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  3. Paige @ BookishPaige_ October 13, 2018 — 2:56 pm

    The Hunger Games & Furthermore ^_^

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  4. Slumber was a really good retelling, and I’m not usually a fan of retellings. The Colossus Rises was so boring that I DNF it.

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