🎃Writing Update: Exciting Things.

Guess what?!

I’m done!

I’ve actually just finished writing Bring Me Home and I’m kind of freaking out here. I am so excited! I never thought that I would actually be able to finish writing a book. But I did.

I just… I can’t word right now. I’m so excited and so so grateful for all the support I have received from everyone!

So from here… this is what’s going to happen:

  • My amazing editor Adrianna from ForTheLoveOfBooks will be editing the rest of the book.
  • November I will be getting the book out to my beta readers
  • In November I will also be formatting the file for ARC, Ebook, and Paperback
  • December 1st the ARCS will go out (sign up here)
  • December 7th Blog Tour starts. (sign up here)
  • January 1st is release day!

Also, some other hella exciting news! Skye from BooksInTheSkye has designed me the most beautiful cover for it! So check it out:

Bring Me Home1

I just have so many feelings right now. I’m excited, I’m happy, exhausted, in disbelief… I just can’t right now. Props to the authors that do this for a living. Y’all are amazing. Just saying.

Until next time,


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