🎃My Favorite Movies To Watch Around Halloween

giphy (5)

No really though:

Let’s do this one a little differently.

I’m going to leave a gif of these movies, you guys try to guess what they are!


giphy (1)


giphy (2)


giphy (3)


giphy (4)



Make your guess in the comments and I’ll announce the answers in another post!

Also, what’s your favorite movies to watch around this time of year?

Until next time,


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3 thoughts on “🎃My Favorite Movies To Watch Around Halloween

  1. I’m going to guess 3 = Harry Potter?, and 4 = Hocus Pocus. I loooove Hocus Pocus, i hope they never try to remake it because it’d be a disaster. Anyway, It’s like it isn’t fall until you’ve watched it 🙂

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  2. I loved watching halloweentown growing up too.

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  3. Harry Potter is 3? Hocus Pocus is 4? I watched Hocus Pocus today and will probably watch it again this week, it’s just the best!

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