🎄Exmas by Winter Renshaw

42509858This Christmas, I’ll be getting a visit from a man in a suit, only it won’t be Santa.

Let me first say: Reed York was never my boyfriend. He was the pen. I was the company ink. Though if you want to get technical, we were more like colleagues-who-hated-each-other … with benefits.

Everything was fine until the charming jerk went behind my back, stole my promotion, and became my boss—literally overnight.

Refusing to work beneath him (professionally speaking and otherwise), I transferred 2,014 miles away to our Chicago division, and I’ve spent the past year trying to remember how much I hated his panty-melting smirk so I can forget how much I secretly loved the way his ocean eyes lit every time I walked into the room.

But he’s just announced a last-minute site visit the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, and on top of that, he’s audaciously designated me as his ‘right hand gal’ during his visit. If he thinks he has a snowball’s chance in this hell at getting back in my good graces, he’s got another thing coming.

Reed York might be a man used to getting everything he’s ever wanted, but Joa Jolivet is a woman that never forgets.

He can put me on his Christmas list all he wants, but everyone knows naughty boys only get coal

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Physical or Ebook?

Have you ever read a book by this author before?
Yes.  I’ve read some of her books but never reviewed them.

Adult Romance

Star Rating?
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I was looking for a sweet holiday read to kick off the holiday season. I didn’t technically get that with this book, but I did get a pretty awesome story.

I really liked the way the story was told past and present. It really helped to make sense of the relationship between Joa and Reed.

I usually prefer my romances as meet cutes or friends/enemies to lovers, but this was definitely interesting in its own way.

Winter Renshaws books are hit or miss for me, but this one was closer to a hit.

If you’re looking for something romance-y but not overly dirty, check this out.

Until next time,


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