🎄Falling By The Firelight by Rose Ivory

42755037There’s nothing in the world that Kate Green loves more than Christmas. The baking, the music, the drinking too much wine with friends and family in the name of cheer, all of it. Even though she’s been single for the past three years, at Christmas, she’s never felt alone.

But when all flights are grounded on Christmas Eve, Kate finds herself trapped in Seattle. With her family celebrating back east, she resolves to spend the holiday in blissful, relaxing solitude. A consolation celebration that might have worked…if not for the power outage.

In the blackout, Kate finds herself shacked up with Nolan, her new a-hole neighbor with a tendency to make her skin crawl. Or, more often, tingle. With his condescending tone, tall brawny build, and sharp jaw so often clenched in disdain, he should be the last person with whom she’d want to ride out a blizzard.

He should be. But when his molten gaze begins to thaw a part of Kate that she hasn’t felt in years, awakening a passion she’d pushed down to cope with the pain, she realizes that she might not mind being trapped. That being stuck just might bring her everything she’s been too scared to seize.


Yaaaas! My first actual Christmas read that feels like an actual Christmas book. Adorable, sweet af and to top it off and make it so much better… a trapped together romance.

Well… kind of.

I love how this novel was super short, like only 103 pages but you seriously felt so connected to the characters. It was freaking adorable. And steamy. And sweet. And yeah, I may have just found my new Christmas reread.

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It just came out November 10th, so if you’re interested:

Amazon CA

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