🎄Bring Me Home Excerpt

Hey all!

Since I did an excerpt for Blogtober, I thought I’d do one for Blogmas as well. So here you go!

My book is currently on a Blog Tour, so make sure to check out all these wonderful supportive bloggers ❤

Bring Me Home Blog Tour

When the old man walked up to Cole I was able to get a good look at his face. A strong jaw covered with stubble, broad cheekbones, and an expressive mouth. His lips looked so soft, marred only by a thin hoop of metal pierced through the right side of his lip. I wondered what it would be like to kiss him. Would I be able to feel that ring?

I shook my head, trying to rid myself of those thoughts. This was my friend. Not some random guy I could check out.

It almost worked, until Cole’s brown eyes met mine and I nearly melted in my chair. His eyes widened before a huge grin split his face.

Thanking the cashier, he took the coffee and walked over to my table. I thought he was going to sit down across from me, but he placed his cup on the table and pulled me out of my seat before hugging me tightly to his muscled chest.

“Kail…” he whispered into my hair. “God, I have missed you.”

Feeling the heat from his body soak into mine, I tried to speak but found myself tongue tied. I hugged him back tightly.

Cole pulled away from me, a hand on each shoulder and gave me a slow once over. I could feel his eyes as he took in my long hair piled in a messy bun, the fitted sweater and jeans I was wearing, down to my painted toes peeking out of my sandals.

“You…” he smiled, “haven’t changed a single bit.”

I felt myself deflate a little bit, kind of bummed out that he would still see me as his nerdy friend from high school. Sure I’d changed. Well, I thought I did anyway. My hair wasn’t as flat and messy anymore once I figured out what a hair straightener was. That fixed that problem. I stopped wearing oversized sweaters and swapped my glasses for contacts whenever I was in public.

I laughed to cover the awkwardness. “Gee thanks Cole, how sweet of you.”

“I just mean you’re still gorgeous of course.”

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