🎄Lucid Dreaming by Heather Blair


Alison Waverly was born into a family of science geniuses, but the brainiac gene apparently skipped her. Still, her artistic and literary passions are supported by her parents, especially her doting father Charles, who also happens to be the Chairman of the Psychology Department at the prestigious Grayson University. When Alison spies her father sitting in his office looking distressed, she learns that an unknown 27-year-old “kid” has been invited into the Psychology department without her father’s knowledge or approval. Quinn Kaneko, an eccentric, enigmatic figure who rarely wears shoes and looks as though he never sleeps, is surprisingly unobtrusive and quickly develops a lasting friendship with the formerly skeptical Charles and his fetching daughter.

Conventionally attractive, well-rounded and charming, Alison could date any man she wanted– so it comes as a surprise to everyone, including herself, when she begins to fall for her friend and former professor, Quinn. He is nothing like anyone she’s dated before, but as she matures, his unusual appearance, odd demeanor, and incomprehensible brilliance begin to intrigue her. Upon discovering her growing feelings for him, Quinn is equally surprised– and stunned to realize he has begun to feel a connection with Alison as well. Together they unearth a previously undiscovered world of romantic possibilities, their days and nights suddenly consumed with intense passion.

Taking the road less traveled comes with its own set of challenges, however, and the lovers quickly find out that being together will not be a walk in the park.

Quinn, the man who knows everything, is disillusioned by the fact that relationships have stumped him, and when the underlying cause of his unorthodox behavior rears its ugly head, he is frustrated in trying not to entangle Alison. Meanwhile, Alison struggles to be supportive to a man who refuses to open up to her, concealing his darkest secrets, and constantly keeping her at arm’s length.

But when the truth and consequences of Quinn’s dark past finally come to light, can their relationship survive the storm?

I won this in a giveaway from the author.

And oh my actual hell I am so glad I did.

Okay… so a few thoughts I had while reading this book:

  1. Quinn reminds me of Spencer Reid from Criminal minds. Which is amazing.
  2. I did not expect that twist that essentially turned it into a Criminal Minds/Law and Order SVU episode, which was also amazing.
  3. The book was so amazingly written. And that bet. That bet was amazing.

So to summarize… this book is amazing.

I don’t normally enjoy books that follow years and years of the characters lives. I usually find them jumpy and they never seem to run seamlessly. But this one completely did. I loved that even though it’s kind of a student/professor relationship, it’s main form of conflict isn’t the taboo-ness of their relationship. It was beautiful.

Allie and Quinn were so amazing together. Allie didn’t try to fix him. She recognized and accepted that he had his own issues and she didn’t try to force anything on him. That is an unbelievably important message to get across. Sometimes a person just needs support and that is exactly what she provided for him.

This was so sweet and romantic and heartbreaking and wonderful and infuriating and… yeah, let’s just say I have feelings.

I absolutely cannot wait to read Heather’s next book. This was a fantastic debut and she is definitely someone you should keep your eye on!

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If you’re interested:
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