🎄Christmas Eve Foster Update: George, Ruby & Noah!

I decided to update George and Ruby’s biography on the foster site and thought I would share it here. After being around them for six months, I have learned so much about their little personalities.

George is the biggest love bug ever. You can literally feed him a little bit of a different type of kibble and he will think it’s a treat just because it’s different from his food. He loves food. (I think he’s my spirit animal)

Ruby may be semi-feral. She may not like being pet that much, but that doesn’t mean by any means that she’s not affectionate. She’s just affectionate in a different way. She will sit there and purr while kneading the floor if I’m talking to her. Yes, definitely affectionate. She’s also started sleeping in bed with me every night. She’s finally become adapted to indoor life.

Hi everyone,

My name is George and this is my Ruby.

I got some things to tell you:

We’ve been inside for over six months now and we are loving it.

Ruby and I were outside for a really long time. We had babies together and worked really hard at keeping us and them alive. Thankfully, the ladies at FFR came and found us and although it was really scary at first, I’m really happy they did.

It took us a while to adjust to being house cats and being around people… but now I just love everyone. Especially if you have treats. The way to become our friends is through our bellies for sure. But that’s how we know we can trust you.

My Ruby is way more shy than I am.. but once she get comfortable, she will follow you around and chirp and chirrup. Same as me! We’re a vocal pair and we love to tell you how happy we are all the time.

My favorite thing is hugs. Rubys favorite thing is scratches, so I think it works out really well. We also love to play! With each other or with all types of toys. I love catnip balls and laser pointers and Ruby loves scratching posts and fishing rod toys.

We love having other fur friends around, but proper introductions should always be followed. We also groom each other a lot, so sometimes a little coconut oil is needed so we’re not coughing. Or a lot of coconut oil… please? We really love it.

If you’re looking to add some fur babies to your house, what about us? We’re a pretty great pair. And, if I do say so myself, we are pretty darn cute. My foster Momma tells me all the time that I’m a handsome boy and tells Ruby that she’s the prettiest little girl.

We can’t wait to meet you❤

George and Ruby

I also got a pretty fantastic update!

You all remember Noah? My little territorial work buddy? Wellll… Noah got adopted and he has a brother now! And they looove each other. They are now considered bonded. I am so very happy he’s found a friend. He just needed to find his other half ❤

Noah Dec 2018 Update

Until next time,


5 thoughts on “🎄Christmas Eve Foster Update: George, Ruby & Noah!

  1. I love to love my fur babies, but it is even better when they love each other. I have two brother dogs. They are inseparable. They are never more than two feet apart. They are amazing to watch at play. When we adopted them, our cat Kitka took them under his wing. They love that cat and he loves them.

    Happy Trails,
    Happy Reading,
    Merry Christmas!

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    1. So sweet! I love seeing animals bonded ❤

      Merry Christmas!

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  2. This is so sweet! And just between you and me. We might be adopting a kitty soon. The shelter is reviewing our application. Can’t wait for that call.

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    1. Oh that’s fantastic! I look forward to seeing your new fur baby❤

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      1. He’s a long haired gray tiger. I hope I get to! Don’t think there’s any reason for them to tell us no but you never know. Fingers crossed.

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