90’s Movie Book Tag

I’m a 90’s baby. So of course I had to do a 90’s tag when I saw it! I feel like it’s required lol.

Enjoy 🙂

She’s All That: Name a book that is an odd pairing but they still fit perfectly

I’m sitting here trying to decipher whether this question means two characters or two books? :/

I’m not going to choose a specific book or couple, but I will tell you that the whole country boy and city girl thing is one of my favorite mish-mashed couples ever.

10 Things I Hate About You: A book/series that you have a love/hate relationship with

Right now I would have to say the Stalking Jack the Ripper series. I loved the first two books so much but the third one left a bad taste in my mouth. Now I’m debating whether I want to read the last one.

Clueless: A character that is totally clueless but you love them anyway

Kelsey from the Tiger’s Saga. Good lord, that girl could use a swift kick sometimes. Ugh. Drives me crazy.

Titanic: Name a book that made you cry

Tiger’s Dream when a particular character made a reappearance. I think that was the last time I cried. Before that I think it was when I sobbed like a baby at TFIOS.

American Pie: A book that makes you laugh

Nothing Personal by Karina Halle was hilarious. Almost cheesy, but pretty freaking great.

Can’t Hardly Wait: A book with a crazy party

I cannot think of a single book I’ve read with a party. Probably doesn’t help that I’m doing this book tag at ten to 7 in the morning after not sleeping… I’m fine *eye twitch*

Cruel Intentions: Name a character that you can never fully trust

The first one that comes to mind is Mara Dyer. She is the most amazing unreliable narrator that I have ever read. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer and The Evolution Mara Dyer were freaking amazing.

Drive Me Crazy: Name your favorite “boy next door” or “girl next door”  couple

Oh… Daemon and Katy from Obsidian. Did you expect any other answer from me?

Scream: A book with a memorable villain

I recently got into reading those Twisted Tales novels by Liz Braswell. Those are definitely books that give an amazing insight on the well known villains from fairy tales. I think that’s what makes it so memorable is you get such a good perspective of their story.

Also Hanna from Baby Teeth. Fk that kid *shudders*

The Craft: Name a book with witches

I do not read witch books. I’ve never really been able to get into any at all. Unless you count Harry Potter. So Harry Potter, I guess.

I’m way behind doing this tag (as normal with tags) so if you haven’t done this one, I tag you to do it. It was fun!

Until next time,


1 thought on “90’s Movie Book Tag

  1. The clueless character immediately makes me think of literally any YA character who has men falling over her declaring their love and she’s just like “omg I’m so average and plan, why won’t anyone ever notice me?” I love YA, but I’ve seen this exact characterization many times over and it can be so annoying sometimes.


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