Cuffed By You by Nikki Mays

Kayla has had a pretty crappy year. Cheating husband? Check. Getting arrested for trying to drown him? Check. Getting handcuffed by the world’s hottest cop? Check. Raising four kids alone? Check. Cheating ex-husband being a complete nuisance? Check.
Obviously, it makes sense that she wants to stay as far away from the opposite sex as possible. The only thing she cares about is her family and work…well and maybe keeping her battery supply fully stocked. Of course, staying away from the opposite sex would be a lot easier if a certain Viking looking police officer didn’t seem to be everywhere that she is. It would also be a lot easier if he would just stop flirting with her. Doesn’t he understand that she’s a mess on the best of days? A mess with four kids! What man in his right mind wants a woman who’s crazy with a ton of kids?
Marc is the type of man who enjoys variety in life…if you know what I mean. But he hasn’t been able to get a certain crazy jilted woman out of his mind for the past year. Unfortunately for him, he likes a woman who’s a little crazy and Kayla has just the right amount. He knows that the last thing that she probably needs in her life is a man like him. But it’s like fate is even trying to help him. She is everywhere these days and he’s not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.
He’s a man who always has a plan. His newest one? To get Kayla to be his. Pretty simple right? Sure, if you don’t factor in that she doesn’t want a man. And that she has four kids. And that her ex-husband is the biggest piece of trash that he’s ever met. And if you don’t include meddling family members. Sure, this will be a piece of cake. What could go wrong?

*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Happy book birthday to Nikki Mays!

This book was pretty awesome. It was cute, steamy and funny as hell.

I don’t read a lot of adult romance. Like, settled women with kids type romances but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. The four kids were hilarious and added an extra level of hilarity to it.

I had two tiny problems with this book. One, there were sooo many characters. Like I get it, people have big families but when you were given like 6 new names every other chapter it became way too much. You never really get to know the side characters because it’s bouncing around so much.

The other issue is that some of the dialogue just didn’t fit the situation. The love interest and his buddy were having a pretty deep discussion while watching the MC’s ex husband crawl around high and drunk. It just way didn’t fit.

Besides that, I really loved the no bs attitude the main character had. And her friends were amazing. I was totally not expecting the ending and loved the way the author handled it.

If you want a quick and hilarious read, check this one out!

Amazon CA

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