Lightening Reviews 1| YA Series ReRead Edition

(Name courtesy of my husband🤣🤣)

Here’s some catch up reviews for you all. Expect these to happen when I read way too many books and don’t have the time to write them all up in full reviews.

I’ve read 65 books since January 1st and have not reviewed any of them. So I’m going to bulk them all together.


I made a list of books I wanted to reread. And a lot of those included YA series.

I love YA and I will always love YA. These series in particular hold a special place in my heart.

Harry Potter 1

Harry Potter is getting to be an annual reread for me. I have such a deep love for this whole series. I grew up with it, so the nostalgia is so freaking real. There’s very little I can say about this whole series that I disliked. I only have issues, sometimes, with Harry in Order of the Phoenix. The being angsty, and secretive drives me insane.

Otherwise, I will always love this and I don’t think I could ever get tired of rereading it.

5 Stars

I found this series after searching through Goodreads relentlessly to find something similar to the Lux series. And where Aelyx doesn’t quite have that snarky badboy thing going on, Cara certainly has the fire and sass that I was looking for. Ever since I read this series, I have reread it quite a few times. I honestly loved how it focused a lot on the political aspect of an ‘invasion’ and who the bad guys ended up being. And seriously… Aelyx and Cara are absolutely adorable!

5 Stars

Now here is a series I am always going to have an unpopular opinion on. I honestly really do love Twilight. Yes, their relationship is unhealthy. Yes, the whole story is pretty ridiculous if you actually think about it. Is it written perfectly? No. Is there amazing character growth? HA! No.

But… I read this series when I was an angsty 15 year old dealing with way more shit than you should deal with at that age. These books let me escape. And I still get that warm comfort feeling from reading them even today.

I remember when the first movie came out… I went to see it at least 4 times in theater. Once with my mother, once with a friend and twice by myself because I honestly couldn’t get enough of it. I don’t think I’ve had anything grip me in quite the same way.

Now turn a JLA book into a movie and we’ll reevaluate… but until then, this series is it.

4 Stars

I can’t even remember the first time I read this series, but I remember being absolutely in love with the bad boy/good girl romance concept since then.

Particularly with Alex and Brittany’s story.

I honestly see this as being sort of a YA Sons of Anarchy without as much blood. It’s a great contemporary read and you get to follow the characters over YEARS of development and boy do they ever change.

4 Stars

Have you read any of these? Let me know what you thought,


3 thoughts on “Lightening Reviews 1| YA Series ReRead Edition

  1. OMG! I can’t believe I have never heard of this Alienated Series before. Lux is one of my all-time favourites and I have been hunting for something similar for ages now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will definetly be adding it to my TBR. I also really love Twilight and agree on everything you said – it is far away from perfect and yet it holds the special place in my heart meaning I can’t let it go. Great Post! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. perpetualfangirl March 14, 2019 — 2:44 pm

        Oh i hope you love Alienated! You are definitely in for a treat!

        Thank you❤

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