Lightning Review 3|Middle Grade Edition

I don’t think I can actually give you an accurate number on how many times I have read this series. Ever since 2011 when I watched the movie (I know, everyone hates it) and realized that this was a book series, I have devoured this series once a year, if not more. I followed the series as the last couple books were releasing and then followed HoO while that was releasing.

I have a very strong love for this series. Mostly because Rick Riordan’s writing is so freaking fantastic. I wish I would of been able to read these books when I was ‘middle grade’ because way younger me would’ve adored them. But teenage me loved them too, so it’s okay.

When my little niece is a little older and can read English (she’s in french school, so they don’t teach reading english until way later), I am buying her this whole series. She will absolutely love it.

5 Stars

I remember reading The City of Ember when I was really young. Ten or Eleven maybe? But I completely forgot about it until my husband asked me one night if I remembered watching the movie. I didn’t. At all. Even though he’s convinced we watched it together. lol

So we bought the movie and watched it and I remembered why I loved the story so much as a kid. So I bought all of them and marathoned them. It was just as good as I remembered. I had forgotten that dystopian novels have been written for years and years.

5 Stars

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2 thoughts on “Lightning Review 3|Middle Grade Edition

  1. I loved Percy Jackson.


  2. Percy Jackson is my childhood! I love it so much! And I remember really enjoying the first City of Ember book! I never read the sequels, nor watched the movie, but perhaps I will someday! Haha 🙂


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