Day 11|Follow Friday!

Hey there,

So not only have I been not blogging, but I have been seriously slacking on my Twitter FF. Terrible, I know!

SO… I decided to do an entire blog posts dedicated to Twitter friends, authors and bloggers that you should follow.

Go give these people some love! I’m serious, they are amazing!

Books In The Skye – My amazing friend, amazing cover designer and an amazing blogger ❤

Happy Reading Co. – One of my best friends, my amazing book formatter and again, an amazing blogger ❤

Romance Book Binge – Fellow romance junkie, my amazing editor and of course… an amazing blogger ❤

Ann – My writing buddy, and a fantastic author!
Goodreads author page

[Side note: Without these four ladies, I never would have published Bring Me Home or be working on my YA novel, just saying. I owe them everything <3]

If I don’t switch tactics, this follow Friday post is going to take you until next Friday to read. So let’s just start listing people, shall we?

Olga Gibbs
Heather Blair
Danielle Koste
Nikki Rae
The Bookish Chick

There’s probably a million more people I owe a shout out to for being just plain amazing. I’m sorry if you’re not here, it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate you and everything you do. It just means that I have a terrible memory and well, I suck.

But I love you all!


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