Fostering Cats Update

Well if I’m not just the worse person ever.

Hello everyone, if you’re still here after over a month of me not posting. I’m sorry. It will happen again, but I totally love everyone who still reads my posts when they go up.

I thought I’d give a nice update on Osiris.

Osiris is THRIVING. He’s still scared of people and really doesn’t let me pet him much, but since letting him out of the foster room, he has done absolutely amazing. He’s comfortable enough to eat, groom himself, play and walk around with us in the room.

To be honest, this may be it. This might just be the cat he is. And I think that’s okay.

A lot of people have this expectation that all cats need to be lap cats and want to be pet by them all the time but that’s honestly an expectation that humans need to lose. Some cats just show their love differently. Osiris shows his by being around us and following us to different parts of the house. He wants to be with us and around us. That’s enough for me.

I hope whoever does adopt him (which it will take a long time because of this view) will respect his space and maybe he’ll come around eventually on his own time and own terms.

Maybe I see this a little differently because I saw him when he was the majorly frightened, nearly wild cat. I’ve seen what these months inside have done not only for his physical well being but his mental well being as well.

Apparently Osiris is a Mainecoon. I NEVER would of thought it when he first came to me. His fur was short all over but that was due to stress and malnutrition. Now he is the fluffiest, stockiest cat I’ve seen in person. He looks strong and healthy. He makes the cutest little chirrup noises when he’s playing with George and him and George chase each other and wrestle all the time. I absolutely adore watching them together.

Now, due to one of my other cats, after Osiris is adopted I’m not going to be fostering anymore. At least for the foreseeable future. My mom’s cat Finn, who I took after she passed away, is getting older and is running into some health issues. He’s nearly 15 at this point and I feel like he should really enjoy his sun set years in peace and not being stressed by constant introductions like he has been the last couple years.

We had a frightening experience with him losing a bunch of weight and we couldn’t figure out why. After a vet visit, we dewormed him and he is doing fantastic and gaining weight back. It could very well of been an intestinal parasite. All the other cats in the house are younger and chunkier so it didn’t affect them as much.

While I’m happy we determined the reason for the weight loss, I also don’t want it to happen again. I mean, sure, we could deworm him preemptively when a new foster comes into the house… it wouldn’t hurt him but the stress of giving him a pill is enough for me to not want to do that.

A 15 year old cat stuck in his ways does not take pills easy. He doesn’t like treats, hardly eats wet food and when he does, he only licks it so it’s not enough for him to take a pill.  Pinning down an old cat with arthritis to shove a pill down his throat is not my idea of a fun night.

So that’s my cat update for the month. Follow me on Instagram/Twitter if you want to see a lot more posts about these little felines.. That’s where I update the most.

Until next time,


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