Rage and Ruin by Jennifer Armentrout ARC review

Me: …
Me: *closes book* when I open this again I better not read what I think I just read.

This book. This ending. Freaking Zayne. Freaking Trinity.

Ugh I love them together so much. Even when I wanted to shake Trinity and tell her to just freaking spit out what she wants to say so she stops having so many misunderstandings with Zayne.

They’re so fantastic together, though. When they communicate effectively they’re an amazing couple. Even when they don’t. Trinity is not perfect and sometimes I wanted to strangle her, but that made this book so much better.

The friendships in this were pretty great too. We all know that Zayne and Roth have an epic bromance. But the awesome friendship between Trinity and Roth was not something I was expecting.

Trinity is such a badass.

I want the third book like… yesterday. I can’t wait to reread the entire series when they’re all out❤

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