I’m going to keep all the bio’s and some pictures of my fosters here 🙂

All bio’s are written by me (except for Bugsy)

George (1-2 Years) + Ruby (9-12 Months)


I’m George, and this tiny girl is my Ruby. We were on our own for a really long time and even had babies together. My foster Momma tells me that we are ‘Semi-Feral’. I do know that new people and places can be intimidating, so please give us as much time to adjust as we need… and treats. Give us some yummy, soft treats and we’ll be eating out of your hands and purring and loving in no time.
My Ruby is easily scared around new people/places, but I make sure to give double the love in return.
Momma says we’re bonded, and that means I’ll never have to be without my Ruby! We really love each other a lot! We groom each other and cuddle and play all the time.
We also love other cats. We have some foster siblings and they are the best. We’ve been around dogs and they’re okay too. But, proper introductions should always be followed.
We have to be on hairball food (we groom each other a lot), but we also LOVE coconut oil, so if you have some of that, it’s an awesome treat.
If you’re looking for a cat, why not get two? Us… I think we’re a wonderful pair.
We can’t wait to meet you,

Ruby & George (R&G) xoxo


1-2yrs old
Adoption Date: Still Available for Adoption

Hi everyone, My name is Noah. Before I met my foster Momma, I was outside for a really long time. A nice lady was feeding me and it was pretty tasty (although the birds looked way tastier). Then the lady called someone and some people came to help me. I was pretty scared. When I met my foster Momma, I just wanted to hide but she showed me all the yummy food she had and treats and now I feel much better. I love when my foster Momma tells me how handsome I am and when she pets my paw. I always make sure I hold her fingers while I’m purring to let her know that I love it. I love being brushed and playing with this weird little light that shows up every once in a while. I swear I caught it once! But then it disappeared and my foster Momma was laughing, I don’t know what happened. Anyways, I keep hearing about this thing called a forever home. It sounds pretty awesome. Apparently it’s this thing where I’ll have humans of my own to play with and cuddle with all the time. I love attention and just being by people. Even the tiny ones! I met some, and they’re pretty fun! If you’re looking for someone to cuddle with, would you come see me? I’m a happy, gentle boy!


6-7 months old
Adoption Date: June 1, 2018

Hi, My name is Pixel. I used to have a family. Someone picked me when I was just a little kitten and I thought I would be with them forever. But then something happened… I started thinking that I should have some babies of my own! I guess they got tired of me meowing and showing them that I was ready to have kittens because all of a sudden I was outside and I couldn’t find my family. Someone found me and gave me treats and kibble and wet food (I love that stuff) and eventually trapped me in this weird box. I hate those weird boxes, I was so scared. But then I was brought to my foster Momma. I knew I would like it here because there’s a lot of food and cuddles and toys.. I really love toys. I’m still a kitten and my foster Momma says I’m the most gorgeous kitten ever. I hope that means that I’ll have an actual forever family soon. I promise I don’t whine as much as I used to. I don’t want kittens anymore. I just want to be a kitten forever. I want to cuddle and play. Will you be my forever family? I just love everyone, even tiny humans.. they’re my friends. If you want to meet me, talk to the nice ladies at FFR. I’m ready to meet my forever family, is it you? Pixel xoxo


7-12months old
Adoption Date: April 24, 2018

Hello! My foster Mama named me Bugsy because I’m as soft as a rabbit and tough like a gangster. I was really scared when I first got here and I hid for days and days. I was really scared that I wouldn’t like a “normal” cat life but…THIS IS GREAT! I love to sit in the sunny window and watch the world go by. Anytime I hear my foster Mama in the kitchen I run in to see her, I love attention. I purr and purr and chase her slippers when she tries to leave. I have a couple of favourite spots; 1. beside my fern on the top of the bookcase (I can relax here and not have to worry about the yappy little dog – I don’t think I like dogs…) 2. The back of the couch by the front window (it’s so sunny and peaceful) 3. Under the couch ( this is where I go when visitors come over – I’m shy) I love head scratches so much that I never want them to stop and sometimes I forget that I have claws! I just want you to stay and scratch me more! I love my foster Mama the very best of anyone so far and I hope my forever home is a quiet, peaceful sunny place with no other critters around. Then me and my new family can really get to know each other. I’m ALMOST ready to try sitting on a loving lap. And I’m TOTALLY ready to be someone’s best friend.

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