Reverse Harem

Reverse Harem, why choose is the theme here. Beware, these are steamy.

Book titles in italics are above a 4 star rating.

Tara Crescent

  • Her Cocky Doctors

Ker Dukey

  • Share Me

Cassie Cole

  • Tiger Queen
  • Shared By Her Bodyguards
  • Smolder
  • The Naughty List
  • Christmas Package
  • The Study Group

Krista Wolf

  • One Lucky Bride
  • Snowed In

Joely Sue Burkhart

  • Queen Takes Knights

Belle Harper

  • Luna Touched

Elizabeth Briggs

  • Hollywood Roommates

Samantha Twinn

  • Foster Brothers

Stefanie Marie

  • War of Hearts

Lily Harlem

  • Castaways

Sienna Blake

  • Three Irish Brothers
  • My Irish Kings
  • Royally Screwed

Stephanie Brother

  • Huge x2
  • Huge x3
  • Huge x4
  • Huge x10

Natasha Black

  • The Cabin
  • Double Trouble
  • Cuffed to my Roomies

Alex Lindell

  • Power of Five

Madison Faye

  • Triple Daddies

C.M. Stunich

  • Filthy Rich Boys

B.B. Hamel

  • My Brother’s Five Friends

Vanessa Vale

  • Tangled



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