🎃Fostering Cats Update #10|George and Ruby

Hey all,

It has been a hot minute since I have updated you all on George and Ruby.

And really, that’s because there’s not too much to talk about.

Progress is still going slowly but surely with Ruby. She is doing so so amazing. But the fact that she’s still making progress is amazing itself. I and the ladies at the rescue were pretty sure that she was done progressing. It’s typical for a semi-feral to only go so far in a foster home and then make the rest of their progress in a permanent home. However, with Ruby, she is getting better every day.

A new thing she has started doing is laying with me on the couch or on my bed. She typically stays at my feet, but just the fact that she wants to be close to me makes me so happy.

We’re still having issues with her attacking Precious and Finn. We’re working on some behavior modification to change that. Things like giving her treats when she’s around Finn and Precious and doesn’t react negatively, putting her on a little time out to cool off when she does attack them.

I have a feeling it’s going to be a lot of repeating the same things over and over and over again, but getting her into a little routine would be a really good idea.

I’ve also finally lowered the amount of wet food that they’re eating. They’re pretty steady with their meal times and certainly would never let me forget that it’s time to feed them. There’s a good chance when they get adopted, they won’t get wet food. Although, I will tell the potential owner that wet food is 100% the way to their little hearts.

There’s still nothing to report on George. My lord, he is the sweetest, easiest foster ever. He loves pets and snuggles and treats and toys. He’s so happy with even just a ping pong ball to play with. He loves cat treats and his Ruby.

Thinking on it now, I totally wish I had gotten to name them. They definitely would of been Jamie and Clare. It suits them so well. George being the big burly ginger and Ruby being the tiny, fiercely protective and motherly torbie. Yeah, it would have been perfect.

Anyways, if you have any questions, leave them below as always ❤


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Fostering Cats| Update #9 George and Ruby

So Noah went off to his new foster home and he is absolutely loving living with no other cats. He has a human and a child all to himself and he is doing so well! I’ll still update you all when he gets adopted ❤

George and Ruby are doing amazing.

I was able to cut Ruby’s nails and she now lets me pet her pretty much whenever I want. She still has some days where she really doesn’t want to be touched, which is fine. I have learned how very defensive she is of her George. I had given them all catnip and George tried to eat Finns pile. Well, Finn was confused and gently batted at George’s head, more of a “Hey thats mine”. Ruby lost it! She hissed, batted and screamed at Finn until he got away from George. She’s very protective of him and it’s kind of adorable.

She’s still learning how to play properly with my two cats and therefor looks more like she’s attacking than playing which scares the crap out of my two. Precious was so upset that she ran over and stood guard over Finn until Ruby ran away.

George is a sweetie as always. He just wants to play and be loved all the time. He’ll let me pick him up, ill feed him treats out of my hands and he loves chin scratches. He has started following my husband around and laying next to him whenever he’s gaming on the couch. So that’s amazing.

Ruby even let my husband pet her. I was so proud.

These two are probably going to be in care with me for a while. Semi-ferals usually are. Especially being as they’re a bonded pair and Ruby takes so long to warm up to people.

But! I love them and I don’t want them to leave anyways. My husband and I actually had a serious conversation about foster failing. In the end, we decided that four cats in our two bedroom apartment permanently, plus other fosters would be way too much.

Until next time,


Fostering Cats|Update #8 Noah & George & Ruby

So I have a little bit of bad news regarding the fosters right now.

Noah is being taken out of my care and put with another foster home.

The reason being is because Noah is definitely not meant to be in a multiple cat household. I’ve talked about him being the alpha male and showing his dominance by showing aggressive behavior towards the other cats, well, now it’s gotten a bit excessive. He is attacking the other cats for no reason. He’s bullying Ruby, trying to steal food, being really defensive of me and treats.

He’s just not happy.

As much as I hate it, this will be the best thing for him. I’m hoping that once he goes to another home, this will calm down and maybe he will be okay with other cats in the future. What I wasn’t prepared for when I started fostering is the connection that the cats form with you. It’s not uncommon for the cat to become territorial to the human and not the area.

So basically, to Noah, I’m his and he doesn’t want me giving attention to other cats.

Maybe. It’s a theory I was discussing with the ladies at the rescue. Basically, because you’re the first human that has given them love and attention, they bond hard. But to make sure he is as happy as possible, the rescue is looking at moving him. (I will still give you all an update when he’s adopted, don’t worry.)

As for George and Ruby, they are officially up for adoption as of today.

They will have to start from scratch when they go to a forever home anyways, so it’s better to do it now. They’ve made just about all the progress they can in one foster home.

George is super lovey and affectionate. He lives for chin scratches, wet food and soft treats.He has now learned how to play and just goes absolutely insane. He loves his giant rat plush, his cat nip balls and anything else he can roll around the floor.

Ruby, well, she’s Ruby. She still acts like she hates me and really doesn’t like being pet, but I know she secretly likes me. She’ll follow me around and lead me around meowing, chirruping and vibrating her tail. Although, she may just now understand that I’m the person that brings food. Who knows, but I’ll take the purrs and meows anyways.

*The little orange kitten in the picture next to George is actually one of George and Ruby’s kittens. We were comparing how much they looked alike!

Thank you all so much for your patience while I try to write this book.

I will hopefully be posting a little bit more now that my book is all outlined ❤

Feel free to ask questions.

Until next time,


Fostering Cats|Update #7 Noah & George & Ruby

Hey all,

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve updated you about the cats. It’s mostly because there’s not much to report, but also because I have been slumpy af and barely reading or blogging or really doing much else other than watching Law & Order.

So first up, Noah.

Noah is still doing so well. There are a couple behavioral issues that have started up that I’ve been trying to rectify before he gets adopted. But other than that, he’s still just as playful, lovey in his own way and still my little treat addict.

One of the behavioral issues may seem a little funny, but Mr. Noah has taken to humping things. Particularly the dog bed that he’s been sleeping in lately. When I first saw this I was super confused. He’s neutered, why the hell is he humping things? After much research and speaking with the ladies at the rescue and a vet, I have determined that he’s doing it as a territorial behavior. He’s the alpha male and he’s showing the other cats in the house that he’s the alpha. This goes hand and hand with using the litter box and not burying it. It’s just certain behavior cats display to show their dominance.

Will this be something that I’ll ever get him to stop doing completely? No, probably not. I have a very dominant female cat in my house and Noah is very dominant as well. They’re clashing. It may not stop until he goes to a permanent home. In the mean time, I’m just distracting him whenever I see him do it. I’m hoping that will eventually work and as long as he doesn’t escalate with it, it’ll be fine.

The other behavior is him nipping and batting at my legs. This is potentially out of boredom, or attention seeking. Which means that playtime will be increased drastically to give him the one on one time that he needs. He spends most of the day with me while I’m working, but he just needs some extra attention.

I’m going to miss this little one when he gets adopted. He’s so funny and so expressive.

And as for George and Ruby…

They have come SO far in the last couple weeks that I’ve had them here. At first, they wouldn’t even come near me. Now, they run to the door when I come in. They greet me with little meows and vibrating tails and they love to eat treats out of my hands.

They both still spook periodically, Ruby in particular, but it’s become less and less. A few days ago I took away the kennel and just left them a bed with the kennel pad and the baby blankets. Ruby is not totally into it but George doesn’t care, he’s still sleeping in the cardboard box that they’re working on tearing to shreds.

I’ve caught them playing every once in a while and it is the cutest thing ever. I have a toy in there that squeaks whenever its moved and at night you can just hear it go off for a half hour at a time. They love it. I could never figure out which cat was playing cause when I’d open the door they’d run to greet me, but the other night I was outside and looked in the window… they were both playing with it… at the same time ❤

I’m so proud of how far they’ve come. They’re eating so well and extremely curious about the other cats in the house. Of course Ruby, being more semi-feral, just absolutely loves other cats. She made her little chirping noise and tried to headbutt Finn but Finn didn’t understand that that’s how cats show affection to other cats and he hissed at her and ran away. Big baby. Can’t really blame him though, he has spent 7 years getting beat up by Precious cause she’s a little brat LOL

George more than makes up for how spooked Ruby is. And she will come around eventually. It’s just going to take way more time than how long she will be with me. I’ll take her as far as I can though ❤

As per usual, if you have any questions, ask away ❤

Until next time,


Fostering Cats: Update #6 Noah and Meet George & Ruby

Hey all!

So this last week or so of fostering has been interesting.

Noah is doing fantastic, as per normal. He’s learning to become more affectionate and actually ended up sleeping in bed with me the other night. I’ll allow this as long as him and Precious aren’t getting into it before I go to bed. If they’re fighting, or if I hear any fighting before I fall asleep, Noah spends the night in the foster room.

It’s alright though, he gets a big pile of treats and some pets as a goodnight and gets to spend the night with his baby blankets in the hideaway, which he absolutely adores.

He still hasn’t had any visitors or (as far as I know) any inquiries. But I only end up finding out a couple days in advanced. I hope he gets adopted soon, he is so affectionate and so lovey. He really needs a forever home.

So George and Ruby are a bonded pair that actually came in with three kittens. The kittens ended up being exposed to Panleuk, so they had to be separated from their parents pretty fast. In a sense though, it’s okay. The kittens are doing find without them and it keeps them from being at risk of contracting Panleuk.

These two are what I liked to refer to as Love Birds. They are like a kitty married couple. Ruby won’t go anywheres without George. If she’s not on top of him, she’s touching him at least. It’s seriously the sweetest thing to see.

I was supposed to be introducing them last week, but something very scary happened. If you don’t follow me on Twitter or IG, I do recommend it if you like to follow the progress of the kitties, then you probably don’t know that the other day I woke up with one of my foster room floors nearly covered in blood. It was the scariest, shocking thing I think I have ever woken up to.. well, recently.

Anyways, George or Ruby (we didn’t know which one yet) was vomiting blood. We couldn’t really figure out what happened and neither could the vet. The best guess was that George ended up consuming something that irritated his stomach.

After a few days on some medication and some IV fluids because he was dehydrated, George ended up back with Ruby. And now they’re doing so well together. They’re back with me, kenneled for now, and we’re making slow progress in getting them to love me.

George will eat treats out of my hands and Ruby started nipping at my fingernails tonight, so I guess that’s a good sign haha.

Take a look at my lovebirds here :
I can’t handle all the sweetness ❤

As usual, any questions, ask away 🙂