Fostering Cats: Update #3 Noah and Meet Pixel!

Hey gang!

So something excited started this week with Noah! I started introducing him to the resident furballs! That’s right, finally seeing how Ms. Sassy (Precious) and Mr. Grumpy (Finn) takes to meeting a new feline friend.

Well, here’s how it went.

I moved my office from the spare room to my bedroom so that the spare room is now my foster room. I decided to take Noah into my room with me and leave his room open for my two to explore. This is called scent swapping. And if I’m going to be completely honest, neither cats really gave two shits about it.

Noah slept on my bed and my two took a couple sniffs around his room and went back to sleep in the livingroom.

That is until I opened the door to go on my lunch break and Precious decided to run into the room. Rather than freak both cats out by frantically trying to grab her, I just sat quietly and watched as she made her way around the room. She finally noticed Noah and there was some growling and some hissing but all in all I was really impressed. Both cats, although slight cranky, weren’t showing too much aggressive behavior. Their ears were front facing and curious, their body language was pretty relaxed.

It’s going to take a couple days for the hissing to stop, or maybe it won’t. I’m not sure. But I’m not overly concerned because each cat has their own place where they can retreat and hide if they want to. As long as their not lunging and attacking each other, I’m pretty happy.

We’re doing pretty slow face to face visits, but I’m pretty proud of my kitties. Precious may be acting like she’s a cobra, but she’s also rolling onto her back in plain view of Noah. My sassy girl secretly wants to be friends. On her terms. When she wants to.

At least both of them love the laser pointer and I can get them to stop hissing at each other for up to five minutes while they both play with it!

Win for Momma!

Nighttime is still a lock down time. Noah goes into the foster room and stays until morning which he is hating more and more. I feel bad, but I think all cats need a little bit of space and cool down time before we try again the next day. He whines quite a bit and looks sad when I shut the door, but he’s always happy to come out in the morning.

Noah also met some children this weekend! My nine year old niece, another nine year old and a five year old. And he did wonderful with them. This is fantastic because cats who are tolerant of children are much easier to adopt.

Name: Pixel
Age: 6-7 Months
Intake Date: May 12, 2018





On Thursday, I was scrolling through Facebook and came across someones post about a cat they found outside their house. Immediately I noticed that the little kitten was full out in heat. I messaged my cousin and her and I took a trip to the ladies house to try to find the little kitten. We had no luck unfortunately. But I left a carrier and some wet food and let the woman know to message me if she found her.

On Saturday, the woman messaged me for my address. She had found the little kitten and her boyfriend was going to bring the cat over. So I got my bathroom all ready and waited. When he showed up, Pixel was angry. She was hissing, growling, lashing out. She wanted nothing to do with no one or nothing. So I pretty much left her alone.

Finally she warmed up to me, especially after I moved her to the laundry room.

She’s now through her five day hold with animal control and is officially a Fortunate Feline. She’s doing fantastic, eating well, and heading for her spa day next Friday. I’m looking forward to getting Noah fully integrated into the house so I can get her into the foster room so she’s not in my laundry room. This little one absolutely hates the sound of the washer and dryer and hides behind the water heater whenever they’re on.

As usual, if you guys have any questions about either cats or fostering in general, let me know 🙂

Until next time,


Fostering Cats|Update #2 Noah

Hey guys!

So I have had Noah for a little over a week now and he is absolutely fantastic. He’s always super lovey, wants all the attention and eats like crazy! He had a vet appointment on Wednesday and I’m happy to say that he has gained over a pound since he was first brought in! Which brings him right around the healthy weight range for his age and size.

So there was a couple times this week that I thought he was getting sick. I saw him excessively grooming himself (particularly in his genital area) which can be a sign of UTIs or other urinary issues, so I had the vet check him out for that. The vet said that everything looked alright. There was some crystals in his urine but that could of been because it was an older sample (I had managed to only get a sample from him at around midnight and it was noon the next day before the vet got it). They gave him some anti-inflammatory medication just in case he was having spasms.

He’s taking the pills like a champ! Hide them in the middle of a pile of treats and he eats it right up. Definitely a lot easier than trying to pry his mouth open.

I also noticed he was getting a little lethargic, he stopped running to the door whenever I opened it and stopped meowing, so I thought that maybe he’s not feeling well. But everything else is fine so he may just be a little bored. Stuck in a room for over a week straight can’t be too amusing. I left him out some toys to play with and I’m going to give him a run around with the laser pointer every night, so I’m positive that will help! The vet again didn’t find anything that could be wrong with him. He’s not showing any other signs of a kitty cold or anything, so he’s in good shape.

Noah is officially up for adoption after he’s done his medication! He’s done absolutely amazing during his 10 day quarantine. A few quirks I’ve noticed:

  • He’s a mean stoner. He cannot handle his cat nip at all so he’s banned from it.
  • He loves his paw being held and will let you just rub the top of his paw and knead your fingers. But try to cut his nails and you get the side eye and a warning growl.
  • He is the gentlest cat ever. If you hand feed him treats, he’ll pick it up with the very edge of his teeth to make sure he doesn’t hurt you.
  • The only wet food he likes is in a cheesy bacon sauce.

I’m so excited for him to find his permanent home. But I’m going to miss his sweet little face.

I’ve posted this on my social media’s, but ICYMI:


I’m having a hard time believing that this is the same cat. In just the 10 days he’s been with me, he’s gone from being scruffy, overly skinny and terrified cat that looked three times his age to this super friendly, soft, baby-faced cat that’s right around the perfect weight.

He loves being brushed, LOVES treats, and loves being told how handsome he is.


I hope you all enjoyed this update about Noah! I will be sure to update everyone soon on his adoption status. This little one isn’t going to be in care very long… I can feel it ❤

Until next time,


Fostering Cats|Meet my foster Noah!


Name: Noah
Age: 1-2 Years
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Intake Date: May 1, 2018
Favorite things(so far): Food, the laser pointer and being called handsome




On Monday, I was messaged by the rescue that I’m working with to let me know that a woman had trapped a cat in her baby barn that she had been feeding all winter. She wasn’t sure if he was a stray or someone’s missing pet, so she kept feeding him and posting about him on some Facebook pages that are for lost and found pets in my city. After way too long, she finally decided to get a rescue involved.

So this morning, the rescue went there and after some time, finally got him out and into a carrier so he could go to the vet.

He was tested for things like Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency and tested negative for all! Which is extremely exciting because that means he got to come to be my foster.

Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency are both extremely contagious, life threatening conditions in cats. Although they can live a very long and healthy life, if the virus becomes active, it can be extremely dangerous. Vaccinations are available for these diseases, but unfortunately, most outdoor cats don’t get vaccinated. Noah will be getting vaccinated soon, and since he tested negative, there is no risk to my two kitties who still need their boosters.

When he was brought here, Noah was a pretty upset little kitty. He had a long day of being poked and prodded at and just wanted to be left alone for a while.


I tried to provide him with some wet food, which promptly made him gag. This is somewhat normal, as being upset and nervous can cause cats to get nauseated and they’ll gag at the smell of food. So I ditched that one and left him some kibble and treats out.

Now the lady who had been feeding him was giving him dog food. And as wonderful as it was that she was feeding him, dog food is not meant for cats. They do not have the same dietary needs whatsoever. Dogs require much less protein than cats and dogs also don’t require taurine, which is an essential amino acid in a cats diet. A lack of taurine can cause things like blindness and heart conditions. So definitely not the right food for them.

As the day went on, the more I got a little nervous that he wasn’t eating. The woman from the rescue ended up coming back so that she could treat Noah with revolution and then she went out and bought some more food so we could try a few to see which one he liked the best.

He was hanging out in the hideaway, so I left him a few pieces of kibbles and went back to work. A little while later, I heard crunching, and a few minutes after that, Noah stuck his head out of the hideaway and meowed at me. So I gave him some more, which he ate happily. He then bathed himself and went back to sleep.

When I was done work, I sat in front of the hideaway and just talked to him for a few seconds. And then… he came out to see me! He was rubbing himself all over me, purring and wanting all the attention. So he got a wipe down with some baby wipes, a nice brush, a run around with the laser pointer and then I had to leave because I had to have supper.

Noah is approximately one to two years old, but being outside for so long, he looks like a much older kitty. He’s skinny, has a scratch on his nose and is very dirty. I still need to try to take a baby wipe to his paws, because they’re stained with mud. But he is a gorgeous big alley cat and just a huge cuddle bug.

This past few days have been fantastic. He’s still spooking at some things.. particularly outside. I was holding him and letting him look out the window and he pretty much panicked. I’m not sure if cats can actually be traumatized but it was as if he was terrified that I would put him out again. According to one of the ladies at the rescue, someone had actually rescued him before but then put him back outside when they realized he wasn’t their cat. I spent 20 minutes feeding him treats and rubbing his little paw until he finally relaxed enough to fall asleep.

It’s going to be slow going to get him to trust everyone again, but I’m hoping I can have him trust me so he can eventually trust his forever human. This again goes to show that cats belong inside. As much as people may say ‘well, they’re wild animals’… we domesticated them, we have to help them. And although cats do still have their natural instincts, we still dulled them enough that they can’t survive with all the other dangers that humans have put out into the world.

I can’t wait to keep you all updated on Noah’s progress. Hopefully he will get adopted quickly, he deserves it.


If you have any questions about Noah or about fostering, ask away in the comments 🙂

Also, I’m switching these posts from Sunday to Saturday because Caturday! lol

Until next time,