Fostering Cats: Update #5 Noah and Pixel!

I’m so happy to bring another update to you guys!

First and foremost, Pixel got adopted!

I knew she wouldn’t be with me long. She was a tiny little kitten that loved all human interaction and had the sweetest, tiniest face I have ever seen in my life.

Her new forever humans spent all of ten minutes with her and immediately brought her home!

So, happy life, Sweet Girl! No more outside for you and no kittens! 🙂

#FosterWIN ❤

As for Noah, my sweet boy has still not had any visitors, but there is a coworker of mine that may be interested in adopting him. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for sure!

He’s slowly making his way through the rest of the house. Precious is still antagonizing him at any chance she gets because she’s a little butt head. But other than that, they’re all doing so well.

Noah had a grooming day this weekend and it went as well as expected. He still absolutely loved getting brushed down and pet and talked to but hates getting his nails clipped. I can’t really blame him though. I didn’t want to hurt him so I enlisted my cousin to hold him like a baby while I cut his nails. He growled, hissed and spit all through it. Ah well, it’s done for another couple weeks.

Seriously considering buying him some nail caps, though. He took a swipe at Precious and managed to scratch the top of her head.

My poor sook was not happy, that’s for sure.

*I threw in a couple pictures of Precious as well, just because I love her lol

I got word that I may be getting another foster (actually two) within the next couple weeks. I’ll let you all know all about that when I know more ❤

As usual, any questions, feel free to ask below ❤

Until next time,



Fostering Cats: Update #4 Noah and Pixel

This week has been interesting with my two temporary feline roommates.

Noah, Precious and Finn are still locked in the never ending battle of, “I hate you.. oh but wait, I’m curious about you.” and “hey, why are you in my house, go away.”

Noah is showing some definite signs of being the dominant feline and they’re all trying to figure out how they fit together in the house. Noah is only locked up in the foster room at night so that they can all take a breather. He’s pretty much exclusively using the same litter box that my two use. (Side note: three cats using the same litter box means I practically have to clean it twice a day. There’s 3 boxes available to them and they all use the same one -.-) He’s also eating out of their food dish. Wish, on one hand is a good indication that he’s comfortable, on the other… it also means he’s eating the expensive Urinary SO food which makes my wallet cringe.

He’s off his anti-inflammatories which also means… He is officially up for adoption! My little Noah is going to find his forever home soon and I couldn’t be happier!

Pixel is doing good as well! On Friday, she went for her spa day. That’s just a nice way of saying she got stabbed with needles multiple times and cut open for a spay.

But it’s all necessary and she’s doing really really well.

For the next three days she is going to be on an oral pain medication and just left to relax while she heals up. Introductions are going to be a little different between her and my two(and maybe Noah) than it was with just my two and Noah.

Pixel is a sassy little thing and doesn’t miss an opportunity to spit, hiss, growl and just show her overall displeasure whenever she even gets a whiff of another cat. I’m hoping that’ll calm down now that she’s spayed, but I don’t know. Calico’s tend to have one hell of an attitude and she certainly has it.

But she’s oh so sweet to humans. Ah well.

It’s not going to take Pixel long to go up for adoption. She’s super friendly, has no behavioral issues, has no medical issues and she tested negative for FeLV and FIV.. she’s going to be adopted very very quickly. She’s still a baby… she needs a good home.


*You’ll notice that I don’t nearly have as many pictures of Pixel as I do for Noah. That’s because she NEVER sits still. The only reason why I got this one is because I took it right after she got home from her spay.

If you have any questions about these two or fostering in general, let me know!

Until next time,

Bree! ❤

Fostering Cats: Update #3 Noah and Meet Pixel!

Hey gang!

So something excited started this week with Noah! I started introducing him to the resident furballs! That’s right, finally seeing how Ms. Sassy (Precious) and Mr. Grumpy (Finn) takes to meeting a new feline friend.

Well, here’s how it went.

I moved my office from the spare room to my bedroom so that the spare room is now my foster room. I decided to take Noah into my room with me and leave his room open for my two to explore. This is called scent swapping. And if I’m going to be completely honest, neither cats really gave two shits about it.

Noah slept on my bed and my two took a couple sniffs around his room and went back to sleep in the livingroom.

That is until I opened the door to go on my lunch break and Precious decided to run into the room. Rather than freak both cats out by frantically trying to grab her, I just sat quietly and watched as she made her way around the room. She finally noticed Noah and there was some growling and some hissing but all in all I was really impressed. Both cats, although slight cranky, weren’t showing too much aggressive behavior. Their ears were front facing and curious, their body language was pretty relaxed.

It’s going to take a couple days for the hissing to stop, or maybe it won’t. I’m not sure. But I’m not overly concerned because each cat has their own place where they can retreat and hide if they want to. As long as their not lunging and attacking each other, I’m pretty happy.

We’re doing pretty slow face to face visits, but I’m pretty proud of my kitties. Precious may be acting like she’s a cobra, but she’s also rolling onto her back in plain view of Noah. My sassy girl secretly wants to be friends. On her terms. When she wants to.

At least both of them love the laser pointer and I can get them to stop hissing at each other for up to five minutes while they both play with it!

Win for Momma!

Nighttime is still a lock down time. Noah goes into the foster room and stays until morning which he is hating more and more. I feel bad, but I think all cats need a little bit of space and cool down time before we try again the next day. He whines quite a bit and looks sad when I shut the door, but he’s always happy to come out in the morning.

Noah also met some children this weekend! My nine year old niece, another nine year old and a five year old. And he did wonderful with them. This is fantastic because cats who are tolerant of children are much easier to adopt.

Name: Pixel
Age: 6-7 Months
Intake Date: May 12, 2018





On Thursday, I was scrolling through Facebook and came across someones post about a cat they found outside their house. Immediately I noticed that the little kitten was full out in heat. I messaged my cousin and her and I took a trip to the ladies house to try to find the little kitten. We had no luck unfortunately. But I left a carrier and some wet food and let the woman know to message me if she found her.

On Saturday, the woman messaged me for my address. She had found the little kitten and her boyfriend was going to bring the cat over. So I got my bathroom all ready and waited. When he showed up, Pixel was angry. She was hissing, growling, lashing out. She wanted nothing to do with no one or nothing. So I pretty much left her alone.

Finally she warmed up to me, especially after I moved her to the laundry room.

She’s now through her five day hold with animal control and is officially a Fortunate Feline. She’s doing fantastic, eating well, and heading for her spa day next Friday. I’m looking forward to getting Noah fully integrated into the house so I can get her into the foster room so she’s not in my laundry room. This little one absolutely hates the sound of the washer and dryer and hides behind the water heater whenever they’re on.

As usual, if you guys have any questions about either cats or fostering in general, let me know 🙂

Until next time,